New Moon in Taurus

New Moon energy is building and starting energy…

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the moon cycles, but for me this has been a time of really going deeper with these cycles and building a connection with them. It is one thing to write about moon cycles but it is another thing to integrate the cycles into your life in a meaningful way. That has meant re-assessing a lot of habits and routines. The pandemic has brought about changes in the job market that has made my job more stressful than it has ever been. For a year I have felt every bit of the stress. New and existing concerns about my health made it clear that I needed to do something different, and quickly. But I was not sure about what that something was.

I began studying Taurus as part of a Tarot Deep Dive I was preparing. Most of my astrology study is from Steven Forrest’s amazing book The Inner Sky, and his evolutionary astrology method. In my paraphrased notes from The Inner Sky, I noted that Taurus is about getting in touch with Mother Earth. It is about slowing down and listening to the earth, which is Taurus’ primary teacher. Through getting in touch with Mother Earth, we encounter Taurus’ second teacher, silence. “Silence breeds simplicity and simplicity breeds peace,” (Forrest, 45). This played out in real life for me recently at work. Usually I am rushing around, trying to do all of the things. I have a habit of putting onto myself tasks that could easily be done by someone else. With the staffing issues we have had, scheduling has been difficult. One day I found myself in a classroom teaching, and I was worried about staffing in other parts of the school. I worked to ground and quiet my very loud mind. Soon the silence helped to reveal the truth of the moment – that my only job at that moment was to take care of the kids in that classroom. Nothing else mattered because there was nothing else that I could do in that moment. I still remember how freeing that moment of truth was because it really was that simple. It was like “the peace that surpasses all understanding” in Philippines in the Bible. While I am not a Christian, I grew up in a Christian household and there are so many things about Christianity that make more sense to me as a Pagan Witch than they ever did when I was a practicing Christian. Ever since that experience, I have worked to bring the truth of the present moment forward so that anything that is not part of that truth takes a back seat. This helps me to prioritize and keeps my life simple.

This Taurus energy not only helps me to prioritize at work minute by minute, but it has also helped me prioritize my life. It has called on me to look at my life and define those things in my life that are non-negotiable and should therefore receive more of my attention. On these non-negotiable I build the foundation on which everything else in my life rests. That means that I have to work to change the habits that I have formed that elevate other parts of my life above my non-negotiable. It can be hard work, but after doing this I have found that I enjoy my life more and I have more balance in it.

We think of Taurus as a laid-back song, but in this time of rushing to be productive, technology everywhere, and a culture that increasingly views humans as a commodity, , Taurus work is hard work. It calls on us to pull back from technology and reconnect with our Mother Earth. It calls on us to be present and continually be grounded in the present moment. And it calls on us to remember what is important to us in this life. The new moon is an excellent time to build new habits in these areas.

Tarot Spread for New Moon in Taurus

As we work with the energy of Taurus and the new moon, we should be thinking about those things that we can build up during this time. Spending time defining those things in your life that are non-negotiable for you is a great start, as it builds a foundation that the rest of your life can be built around. Finding ways to ground yourself in the present moment, especially during stressful times is another good Taurus practice. Spending time in nature is helpful to.

Here are some questions to ask your deck:

  • What am I being called to pay attention to during this Taurus New Moon?
  • How can I work to cultivate silence and stillness in my life that will lead to simplicity?
  • What is the lesson that I am being called to learn during this Taurus New Moon?

How are these energies playing out in your life? What did your cards tell you about how to move forward in this energy? Share in the comments if you feel called to.