New Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow we will celebrate a new moon in Gemini. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the exact time for the dark moon will be at 12:39 pm EST. My mind immediately started trying to figure out how to pull off a small ritual while I am at work, but I suppose just an acknowledgement until I can get home to do a real ritual will have to do.

I love new moons because they are all about beginning a new cycle. Whether it is starting something new such as a new business or new hobby, or beginning to learn about something new, a new moon is a time to reflect on something new for your soul. It can even be a new phase of something that you are already working on. During this new moon, take a moment to take stock of where you are and what you are doing, and figure out if there is a new way to work on it, or a new angle to focus on. Even if you are stuck in quarantine because of the pandemic, now could be a time to look into a new hobby or read about something new.

Gemini adds an interesting spin to this energy, in that it is about communication, travel, education, and knowledge. Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, communication and travel have been hard for a lot of people. I haven’t been around friends in quite a while. My Piscean daughter keeps up with her friends on the phone or Roblox, and she definitely misses seeing them. Even education has had a different spin with the pandemic, with schools moving everything online.

New Moon in Gemini and the Tarot

I have really been getting into how the Tarot adds more flavor and depth to astrology, and I have been enjoying not only melding the

two, but learning about them in tandem.

From the Tarot of the Spirit by Pam Eakins

Gemini rules the Lovers card, which is not so much about love between two people. It can be, but there are people out there that do not want to be in a relationship with someone else, or maybe can’t for some reason. My teacher, Lindsay Mack, says that if a card’s meaning doesn’t apply to everyone, then it is time to revisit the meaning. The Lovers card is about soul love and reconnecting to your soul. So many of us walk around disconnected from ourselves, and I have been one of those people for so long. I can’t say that I am completely connected with myself – I think that might not be entirely possible because we are all humans living in the world. There are all kinds of things out there that can send our focus flying away from ourselves. Other people may say something to us that make us start wondering about them instead of ourselves, or our job gets us hyper-focused on what it takes to do give 110% of ourselves, leaving nothing for us to focus on when it comes to our soul. So for the new moon what can you do or create that can help you reconnect with yourself on a soul level? This is all about deep self care and self discovery. And some of us may not have the time to go all that deep because we are required to work super hard right now as essential workers, and that can mean putting other people before ourselves in a big way. But even doing something as simple as stopping for a moment to take a deep breath, or paying attention to ourselves long enough to discern our own heart beat – simple practices like this can go a long way in helping us reconnect to ourselves even when we don’t have a lot of time to go deep with it.

The current Venus Retrograde in Gemini brings an added focus to our relationship with ourselves and others. Venus retrograde asks us to turn inward and look at our role in our relationships, and the basic foundations of our relationship with ourselves. This double focus on our relationships means that old relationship stuff may come up, or we may be asked to examine dynamics of old relationships in order to be able to learn from them and apply the lessons to new relationships moving forward.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and travel. Physically, Gemini rules the lungs and hands. The lungs help us communicate as well, so we can also explore what ways we can communicate with our soul self. What expressions of communication resonate most with you? Are you a dancer, communicating through movement? Are you a musician who communicates through music? Do you communicate through speaking or writing? Think about what you can do to communicate with your soul self and perhaps build that into a new moon ritual.

Also, this is a good time to think about the ways we communicate with the people around us. This is something that I have to do constantly since I am an administrator. I communicate with the staff where I work, and I have to keep in mind that different people have different communication styles. I really have to tune in to my spirit guides when I talk to other people. One good thing about my Aquarius Sun and Moon is that I am good at intuiting what people are saying between the lines. It is something that I didn’t even recognize that I was all that good at until recently, and it is a skill that I have tried to get better at the more I work as an administrator. Is the way you are communicating with others in the highest and best of everyone involved? (I have to give major credit to Lindsay Mack for my wording here – checking in to make sure that something is in our highest and best is a habit that Lindsay teaches on her podcast and courses.) Is the way you communicate in alignment with your purpose?

The Magician from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins

Mercury rules the Magician, which is all about the tools we use in our practice. One tool you have is the way you communicate, but there are so many tools we use in so many areas of our lives that we can explore. What tools do you use in your spiritual practice? Are they in alignment with your purpose? Are they getting you to where you need to go?

If you are going to begin a new creation or new hobby during this new moon cycle, what are the tools that you need for that process? Are they something that you need to learn how to use – how can you go about doing that?

I am truly excited about this new moon and the energy behind it. I hope that this post has inspired you to look within and explore some aspects of Gemini as we move through the season and this new moon. Let me know in the comments how you have been inspired!

Full Moon in Taurus: Reframing the Story

Beauty of fall

The full moon in Taurus is upon us today, and brings into focus our foundations, home, friendships, and partnerships. This came very fully into focus for me when I contemplated how much I have contracted when it comes to authentic connections with the other people in my life. As humans, we thrive on connections, and the full moon in Taurus had me questioning the health of my connections.

My connections have not been that healthy, or even that existent. Case in point, I recently started frequenting a new nail salon that just opened, and the owner asked me, “Isn’t this something that people usually do with their group of friends, all come together to get their nails done?” in a bid to get me to invite my friends to his new business, but to which I replied, “I don’t have friends like that.”

I have definitely been in a yin period in my life, and the contraction away from pretty much all social connections has been very real. But connecting with the energy of the full moon in Taurus has been prompting me to question why the strong contraction, what I have gained from it, and what I need to do to begin expanding in this area.

The answer came in reframing my story. I have had a hard time with friendships my whole life, probably related to my lack of self-esteem and inability to find and use my voice. Couple that with a few years of massive burnout, and it is no wonder I have been in a state of contraction for a few years.

I have been listening to the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast during the last couple of days, trying to get caught up, and in episode 43 it was mentioned that tarot, rather than being something that predicts the future, is like a therapy session. I pulled some cards related to an experience I had with a friend many years ago, and it flipped the script on what I had been telling myself about this friendship. Rather than focusing on what had been done to me, it reminded me about the strength I had in standing up for who I was and what I believed in, and getting out of the friendship when it became toxic based on those beliefs (it was pretty toxic anyway, but that is a story for another day). It also told me through the five of pentacles that, yes, my social life has been very barren, but a new time of growth is coming.

It was a powerful session because it made me look at a situation in which I had been feeling sorry for myself with new eyes. Instead of focusing on what had been done to me, I was focusing on the actions I took, which were really brave and showed an amazing amount of growth in the area of my own self- esteem. To stand up for who I was and who I was growing into in the face of a massive amount of judgment and ridicule, and then to make the decision that I was not going to put up with that in my life and choosing to take my energy elsewhere – that was brave for a lot of reasons, because that was just about the entirety of my support system at the time, since I was a single mom.

Reframing is powerful, and giving the guilt, shame, and other negative feelings I had been feeling to the Taurus full moon was very powerful as well. I am very grateful that the rain didn’t come until morning, so that I had opportunities to talk to the moon and give up those feelings to it. Hopefully focusing on my strength rather than my weakness will help me in my connections with others moving forward.

The Spread

I used a very basic spread for my story reframing – and keep in mind that the reframing came from what the cards showed me, not from the questions that I asked.

  • What was the experience? How is it defined?
  • What lesson do I need to learn from the experience?
  • How do I need to move forward after the experience?
  • What energy do I need to pay attention to after the experience?

Those are the questions that I asked the cards. Notice that I did not define the experience. I asked the cards to do that. I think that was a key in being able to have the story reframed.

Have fun with this and I hope it helps! Don’t be afraid of what comes up, and make sure to journal about it.