Portal Time

Right now it feels like a portal time. It is anyway, because of the new year coming in a week. But it feels like there is an opening up of something new on the horizon.

This could be because of the combination of Yule energy with the New Moon in Capricorn. Yule is the end of the yearly cycle of light, the beginning of a time to go inward and contemplate while the darkness rules over the light. This is the time of year where Persephone rules over the underworld, and in a way the entire earth is in there with her because all of the energy has moved down and into the underworld. Every ending, however, is also a beginning. Yule offers us the promise of the coming of the light. The New Moon in Capricorn is also throwing its energy in there. New moons are the beginnings of cycles anyway, but the capricorn energy in this one makes it feel like there is something that needs to be done, or needs to be started. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster and boundary setter, so it feels like a time to set up plans and routines.

Jupiter just ended a twelve year cycle by entering into Aries as well. Aries is the sign of the spark of creativity, the beginning of the creative cycle. It teaches the courage to overcome any obstacle, according to astrologer Steven Forrest. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, of faith in one’s ability. This is quite possibly a great example of the energy of The Fool in the Tarot.

All of this energy together equals a time of beginnings that feature great promise. A portal of new beginnings – the beginning of a new cycle. If there is something that you want to reconnect to, now is the time to make that commitment and plan ahead. This energy is huge and expansive and exciting – but remember that this isn’t necessarily a time of doing quite yet. This is definitely a time of planning, of seeing how you want to move forward. The time to act will be soon. I don’t feel like we quite have to wait until we enter Aries season for that, but for other energies coming into play, which I will write about later, planning the way forward is essential right now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Aries

Today marks the New Moon in Aries, the beginning of a new moon cycle in the beginning of a new zodiac cycle. I am kind of excited about this energy, personally, but I think all of this “beginning” energy could be somewhat overwhelming for some people. Luckily, our Tarot energy reading for this new moon helps us out by showing us how we can keep from getting overwhelmed during this time. So let’s get right to it!

Energy Card for this New Moon Cycle

Queen of Pentacles from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman http://www.thismighthurttarot.com

The energy card for the New Moon in Aries is the Queen of Pentacles. This might seem counter-intuitive because Aries energy is very fiery and full of sparks of new life, but I think this is Spirit’s way of answering that question of how we keep from getting overwhelmed by the energy of this time.

Whenever I look at the card for the Queen of Pentacles, I see someone who is of the earth, who has that innate capability to communicate with earth spirits and who finds so much joy and healing in earth spaces. The way that this Queen of Pentacles is kind of cradling the pentacle, it brings to mind nurturing and tending. So I feel like this card is calling us to return to the cycle of the earth. Right now, the earth is coming alive all around us after the ling winter. Through the energy of the Queen of Pentacles we can touch in with this energy of coming alinve and find places of expression for it in our own lives.

We can also see the Queen of Pentacles as a call to find ways to stay grounded. With this Aries new moon energy, we can have plenty of ideas, new ways to move forward with new projects, new methods to use to manifest our dreams. This kind of energy has the potential to carry us up and away if we aren’t careful and don’t stay grounded in the moment. The Queen of Pentacles beckons us back to the grounding earth, back in the present moment as we sort through all of the new ideas that the Aries new moon energy brings forth.

Journaling with the Queen of Pentacles

So the Queen of Pentacles in the Aries New Moon asks us to think about:

  • How are you coming back to life after the more internalized energy of the winter?
  • Are there new ideas and new themes coming up for you?
  • How can you nurture yourself through this change of energy?
  • What are some grounding techniques you can use to keep from getting overwhelmed by this energy?

Attention Card for the Aries New Moon

The World Card from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman http://www.thismighthurttarot.com

The card for what we are being invited to pay attention to in the Aries New Moon is The World. The World card is the end of the Major Arcana cycle and shows us that we have everything that we need to move through this cycle.

Sometimes when we have a lot of new ideas for projects and new directions, our brain can tell us stories about how we aren’t ready or that we don’t have everything we need to carry out our bold ideas. We might be trying to do something great and innovative and our brain might just pop in and say, “Nope! You aren’t ready. You don’t have everything you need. You need to prepare more. You need to do more to get ready.”

The World card comes to us to let us know that we are ready. We are ready for the next step of the cycle. In the Tarot, the next step after the World is the Fool, the one who takes the great idea and takes that leap to make it a reality. In order to take that leap, though, we need to have the confidence that we can do it. That is what The World tries to give us by letting us know that it is okay and we can handle it.

Journaling with The World

  • When you begin thinking about all these great ideas that are coming up in the Aries New Moon energy, what is your brain telling you that you can’t do?
  • What reasons does your brain give you for why you can’t do these things?
  • Are the reasons true? Sit with each phrase that the brain tells you and ask your heart if any of them are true.
  • Write down the reasons why you know that the brain’s logic is not true.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that the reading and the journaling help you during this time. I would love to hear how the Aries New Moon energy is showing up for you. Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Tarot Spread for 7/11/21

Well, I can now say I have done weekly spreads two weeks in a row! I’m not sure that I’ve accomplished that before now, and I’m glad I have done it. Last week’s spread really helped me, and I hope that it helped you too. Let’s see what this week’s spread has to offer.

Energy for the Week Ahead: Four of Cups

The astrological correspondence for this card is Moon in Cancer, which, we just went through the New Moon in Cancer so this energy is still very present right now. There is a lot of moving water in the card imagery, waterfalls, suggesting that emotions are moving, changing, in flux. Maybe we don’t know how we feel about what is going on right now, or our emotions are all over the place. We are invited to just sit with that this week, to feel into that, however that shows up for us. It can be uncomfortable, to have all of these emotions just swirling around, but we can anchor in the moon, which invites us to get still and listen to our guides, our bodies, and our intuition. Just listen and connect.

What are we being invited to pay attention to: Six of Wands

Spirit has given you ideas and a sense of purpose. The knight in the card imagery is not worried about what anyone else thinks about his purpose. He is venturing out to accomplish it, complete faith in his ability to do so. We are being invited to pay attention to our own sense of purpose and our views on what others feel about that. Does it matter what others think? Not really, if what spirit has given you is in your highest and best. And really, if you are in alignment with those guides who have your highest and best in mind, then there should be no question about that.

What should we be mindful of: Five of Pentacles

It looks like we are still dealing with some of that scarcity that came in like a wrecking ball last week. Where in your life did it show up? Was it real scarcity, or just a scarcity mindset that you dealt with? Be mindful of where you are feeling scarcity this week and avoid knee-jerk, reactive actions that you might regret later. Scarcity can be hard to deal with, but if you just sit with it a little bit and find something to do to ground yourself, you can move past the discomfort and begin to problem-solve through it.

What should we embrace: Queen of Wands

Embrace that part of you that is the creator, with the ability to change your reality. If these is something we don’t like, we can change it. We can create the reality we want. All of this takes time, but we are invited to embrace that part of ourselves that can make this possible this week.

What should we let go of: The Wheel of the Year

We should let go of our linear concept of time and energy. Our society conditions us that we must be productive and grinding all of the time, go, go, go. But everything in nature works in cycles. The seasons, the moon. Our energy is the same way. Some days it seems like we can move mountains, and other days it seems like we barely have the energy to get out of bed. Embracing these cycles instead of pushing ourselves to be productive through them no matter what the cost can really help us as we move through the next week. Be mindful of your energy and your energy cycle and honor it in whatever ways that you can.

I hope that this spread helps you as you work through the coming week. Let me know how it goes in the comments!

New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Cancer, and I have been pondering the energetics of this new moon for a few days now. I’ve been looking at Cancer a bit closely since it is Cancer season, and I have been preparing a Tarot Deep Dive into The Chariot.

The most popular way to think about Cancer energy is to think about an emotional energy; Cancer is most equated with emotions and an emotional nature. I feel that this is lazy astrology work however, because there is a lot more to Cancer than this. Cancer is a nurturing energy, since it is related to the still waters of the earth and the nurturing and protecting waters of the body such as breast milk and the water sac that protects the heart. Water feeds life on this earth and allows living things on this earth to grow and survive, so it is vitally important. And while the water element does equate to emotions in the Tarot, it can also equate to nurturing.

The sign for Cancer is the crab, and the most prominent feature of the crab is its protective shell. Cancer is also about protecting ourselves from overwhelm or hurt from forces and energies outside of us. But on the flip side of that, if we spend all of our time protecting ourselves we run the risk of growing afraid to make ourselves vulnerable. When we come out of our shell and make ourselves vulnerable growth happens, we meet new people, we build connections. While being in our shell keeps us safe, it does not allow room for much growth. We will explore this more in the upcoming Tarot Deep Dive for The Chariot.

New Moon energy has to do with new beginnings, the beginning of a new cycle. Sometimes just starting a new thing can make us feel vulnerable. We can put off starting anything because we are afraid of failure. But if we don’t start anything, we don’t accomplish anything. We don’t expand and grow because we stay contracted and protected in the shell of our own making. The New Moon in Cancer can invite us to come out of our shell and start something new.

But perhaps you are overwhelmed right now. This last year and a half has been overwhelming for a lot of people, myself included. You feel like you have been vulnerable enough during these times and keep getting hurt by the news, the economy, the lock downs, and everything else that COVID has brought to us. For you, the New Moon in Cancer might be inviting you to slow down and nurture yourself during this time. Take a break from the news. Turn off your social media for a bit. Slow down and relax, connecting to yourself and your emotional state at this time. Tend to the trauma that COVID brought. Rest.

Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Taurus

New Moon energy is building and starting energy…

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the moon cycles, but for me this has been a time of really going deeper with these cycles and building a connection with them. It is one thing to write about moon cycles but it is another thing to integrate the cycles into your life in a meaningful way. That has meant re-assessing a lot of habits and routines. The pandemic has brought about changes in the job market that has made my job more stressful than it has ever been. For a year I have felt every bit of the stress. New and existing concerns about my health made it clear that I needed to do something different, and quickly. But I was not sure about what that something was.

I began studying Taurus as part of a Tarot Deep Dive I was preparing. Most of my astrology study is from Steven Forrest’s amazing book The Inner Sky, and his evolutionary astrology method. In my paraphrased notes from The Inner Sky, I noted that Taurus is about getting in touch with Mother Earth. It is about slowing down and listening to the earth, which is Taurus’ primary teacher. Through getting in touch with Mother Earth, we encounter Taurus’ second teacher, silence. “Silence breeds simplicity and simplicity breeds peace,” (Forrest, 45). This played out in real life for me recently at work. Usually I am rushing around, trying to do all of the things. I have a habit of putting onto myself tasks that could easily be done by someone else. With the staffing issues we have had, scheduling has been difficult. One day I found myself in a classroom teaching, and I was worried about staffing in other parts of the school. I worked to ground and quiet my very loud mind. Soon the silence helped to reveal the truth of the moment – that my only job at that moment was to take care of the kids in that classroom. Nothing else mattered because there was nothing else that I could do in that moment. I still remember how freeing that moment of truth was because it really was that simple. It was like “the peace that surpasses all understanding” in Philippines in the Bible. While I am not a Christian, I grew up in a Christian household and there are so many things about Christianity that make more sense to me as a Pagan Witch than they ever did when I was a practicing Christian. Ever since that experience, I have worked to bring the truth of the present moment forward so that anything that is not part of that truth takes a back seat. This helps me to prioritize and keeps my life simple.

This Taurus energy not only helps me to prioritize at work minute by minute, but it has also helped me prioritize my life. It has called on me to look at my life and define those things in my life that are non-negotiable and should therefore receive more of my attention. On these non-negotiable I build the foundation on which everything else in my life rests. That means that I have to work to change the habits that I have formed that elevate other parts of my life above my non-negotiable. It can be hard work, but after doing this I have found that I enjoy my life more and I have more balance in it.

We think of Taurus as a laid-back song, but in this time of rushing to be productive, technology everywhere, and a culture that increasingly views humans as a commodity, , Taurus work is hard work. It calls on us to pull back from technology and reconnect with our Mother Earth. It calls on us to be present and continually be grounded in the present moment. And it calls on us to remember what is important to us in this life. The new moon is an excellent time to build new habits in these areas.

Tarot Spread for New Moon in Taurus

As we work with the energy of Taurus and the new moon, we should be thinking about those things that we can build up during this time. Spending time defining those things in your life that are non-negotiable for you is a great start, as it builds a foundation that the rest of your life can be built around. Finding ways to ground yourself in the present moment, especially during stressful times is another good Taurus practice. Spending time in nature is helpful to.

Here are some questions to ask your deck:

  • What am I being called to pay attention to during this Taurus New Moon?
  • How can I work to cultivate silence and stillness in my life that will lead to simplicity?
  • What is the lesson that I am being called to learn during this Taurus New Moon?

How are these energies playing out in your life? What did your cards tell you about how to move forward in this energy? Share in the comments if you feel called to.

New Moon in Libra

Tomorrow we celebrate the new moon in Libra. We have been in Libra season since the middle of September, and some of you may have noticed the energies of this time permeating your life. Libra season is a time of balance. We see this in how the day that marks the beginning of Libra season is also the fall equinox (for those living in the northern hemisphere; spring equinox for those living in the Southern Hemisphere), when the amount of daylight is equal to the amount of nighttime that we experience. Sometimes when we think of balance, we might think of Lady Justice balancing her scales. Justice is a big theme during Libra season as well.

The New Moon asks us to think about where we have been through our journey of the last moon cycle. We started a new cycle with the last new moon, let go of things that did not serve us during the full moon, and now we are back at the beginning of a new cycle. This new moon asks us to take stock of where we are and come up with new goals and intentions for this new cycle, using Libra energy to guide us. The planet ruling Libra is Venus, which connects us to our relationships with others and ourself. When we view our relationships through the lens of balance and justice, the New Moon in Libra asks us to consider these questions:

  • Where are you out of balance in your relationships?
  • Are you giving too much of yourself away?
  • Are you acting for the sake of others rather than for yourself?
  • How can you use this energy to find ways to come back to yourself?
  • How is your relationship with yourself? Are you giving so much of yourself away that you have no time to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself?

A few retrograde planets are adding to this energy and giving us an even clearer picture how this new moon is asking us to think about our relationships. Mercury went retrograde on October 14th and will not station direct until November 4th. When Mercury is in retrograde, it asks us to evaluate our methods of communication. Combining this with the New Moon in Libra, we are being asked to think about how we are communicating with those we are in relationship with.

  • How are you communicating when you have a problem in your relationship?
  • Are you even communicating about problems at all? Are you letting problems fester instead of taking the time to communicate about them?
  • When it comes to balance in your life, who do you need to talk to if you are giving too much of yourself away?
  • What messages are you telling yourself about your energy and where you are spending it?

Mars went retrograde on September 10th and won’t station direct until November 14th. Mars retrograde asks us to rethink our actions, specifically about where we are taking action and expending energy in our lives. It reminds us that the actions and habits that we do every day are not working to bring about balance in our lives, so we need to come up with new actions and habits that can bring about that balance.

  • What actions can you take that will help to bring about the balance that you seek?
  • How can you change what you are currently doing so that you have more balance in your life?
  • What actions should you take to restore balance in your relationships?

Take some time to journal these questions as you set your intentions for this new moon cycle.

New Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow we will celebrate a new moon in Gemini. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the exact time for the dark moon will be at 12:39 pm EST. My mind immediately started trying to figure out how to pull off a small ritual while I am at work, but I suppose just an acknowledgement until I can get home to do a real ritual will have to do.

I love new moons because they are all about beginning a new cycle. Whether it is starting something new such as a new business or new hobby, or beginning to learn about something new, a new moon is a time to reflect on something new for your soul. It can even be a new phase of something that you are already working on. During this new moon, take a moment to take stock of where you are and what you are doing, and figure out if there is a new way to work on it, or a new angle to focus on. Even if you are stuck in quarantine because of the pandemic, now could be a time to look into a new hobby or read about something new.

Gemini adds an interesting spin to this energy, in that it is about communication, travel, education, and knowledge. Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, communication and travel have been hard for a lot of people. I haven’t been around friends in quite a while. My Piscean daughter keeps up with her friends on the phone or Roblox, and she definitely misses seeing them. Even education has had a different spin with the pandemic, with schools moving everything online.

New Moon in Gemini and the Tarot

I have really been getting into how the Tarot adds more flavor and depth to astrology, and I have been enjoying not only melding the

two, but learning about them in tandem.

From the Tarot of the Spirit by Pam Eakins

Gemini rules the Lovers card, which is not so much about love between two people. It can be, but there are people out there that do not want to be in a relationship with someone else, or maybe can’t for some reason. My teacher, Lindsay Mack, says that if a card’s meaning doesn’t apply to everyone, then it is time to revisit the meaning. The Lovers card is about soul love and reconnecting to your soul. So many of us walk around disconnected from ourselves, and I have been one of those people for so long. I can’t say that I am completely connected with myself – I think that might not be entirely possible because we are all humans living in the world. There are all kinds of things out there that can send our focus flying away from ourselves. Other people may say something to us that make us start wondering about them instead of ourselves, or our job gets us hyper-focused on what it takes to do give 110% of ourselves, leaving nothing for us to focus on when it comes to our soul. So for the new moon what can you do or create that can help you reconnect with yourself on a soul level? This is all about deep self care and self discovery. And some of us may not have the time to go all that deep because we are required to work super hard right now as essential workers, and that can mean putting other people before ourselves in a big way. But even doing something as simple as stopping for a moment to take a deep breath, or paying attention to ourselves long enough to discern our own heart beat – simple practices like this can go a long way in helping us reconnect to ourselves even when we don’t have a lot of time to go deep with it.

The current Venus Retrograde in Gemini brings an added focus to our relationship with ourselves and others. Venus retrograde asks us to turn inward and look at our role in our relationships, and the basic foundations of our relationship with ourselves. This double focus on our relationships means that old relationship stuff may come up, or we may be asked to examine dynamics of old relationships in order to be able to learn from them and apply the lessons to new relationships moving forward.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and travel. Physically, Gemini rules the lungs and hands. The lungs help us communicate as well, so we can also explore what ways we can communicate with our soul self. What expressions of communication resonate most with you? Are you a dancer, communicating through movement? Are you a musician who communicates through music? Do you communicate through speaking or writing? Think about what you can do to communicate with your soul self and perhaps build that into a new moon ritual.

Also, this is a good time to think about the ways we communicate with the people around us. This is something that I have to do constantly since I am an administrator. I communicate with the staff where I work, and I have to keep in mind that different people have different communication styles. I really have to tune in to my spirit guides when I talk to other people. One good thing about my Aquarius Sun and Moon is that I am good at intuiting what people are saying between the lines. It is something that I didn’t even recognize that I was all that good at until recently, and it is a skill that I have tried to get better at the more I work as an administrator. Is the way you are communicating with others in the highest and best of everyone involved? (I have to give major credit to Lindsay Mack for my wording here – checking in to make sure that something is in our highest and best is a habit that Lindsay teaches on her podcast and courses.) Is the way you communicate in alignment with your purpose?

The Magician from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins

Mercury rules the Magician, which is all about the tools we use in our practice. One tool you have is the way you communicate, but there are so many tools we use in so many areas of our lives that we can explore. What tools do you use in your spiritual practice? Are they in alignment with your purpose? Are they getting you to where you need to go?

If you are going to begin a new creation or new hobby during this new moon cycle, what are the tools that you need for that process? Are they something that you need to learn how to use – how can you go about doing that?

I am truly excited about this new moon and the energy behind it. I hope that this post has inspired you to look within and explore some aspects of Gemini as we move through the season and this new moon. Let me know in the comments how you have been inspired!

New Moon in Libra

Friendly little Orb Spider

The New Moon energies are very strong today. Not only have I been ending some cycles (decanted my fire cider – anyone for a taste?) but I have definitely been feeling the energy moving inward today. The desire to be inside and with myself is strong, and I have been trying to get some work done, but mostly I’ve been resting and thinking about the future that I want to build. The new moon is all about beginnings, and I definitely feel like I’m on the edge of one. I think that the past few years I have definitely felt this energy when entering into Libra anyway. The dark period of the year is an especially productive time for me, spiritually speaking. I enjoy the cooler – and colder – weather, and I seem to have more energy and purpose during this time of year. I attribute it to having my sun and moon in Aquarius at the nadir in my natal chart. I have a very dark chart, and that seems to influence how I respond to the energies around me during the year. With our entering into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, I have definitely felt the dark energy that I respond to so well starting to come up. The only problem is that here in North Carolina the weather is not cooperating. With all of the ninety degree days we have had (with more forecast for the upcoming week) I’m starting to wonder if we are even going to have autumn at all. My body still feels the energy, though, and has been starting to tell me about wanting soups and other warming dishes. To which I reply that it is simply still too hot to have any of those things.

Because of the level of crazy I have been experiencing at my day job, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the new moon in Libra. I do know that Libra energy is energy of balance, which I could use right now, and I’m sure a lot of other people could too. My level of crazy at work has been such that I have not had the time or energy that I would like to devote to my studies, so one thing I am working on is more work/life balance. But I think there is more to the balance here than simply “oh, this part of my life is receiving too much and needs to be toned down so that it is in more balance with this other part.” I think it has a lot to do with becoming more grounded so that we can listen to ourselves and our needs and enjoy the balance that happens when we are able to do that. For example, one day on my lunch break I was driving around aimlessly, trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch. For the life of me I could not come up with something that sounded good, but then it occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t even hungry. But because I pretty much have to have my lunch break at a somewhat set time, I have to make sure I eat then or I’m going to be starving later when I am not able to take a break. Because of the job I am in and the system that it is a part of, I can’t even take the opportunity to listen to my body and eat when it tells me I am hungry. Part of having the type of balance I am talking about would be to have that freedom. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have that opportunity, and we are losing touch with our body’s rhythms and cues because we have to override them. But that is part of a bigger conversation about a systemic shift that needs to happen for the good of all people. Luckily, this conversation is happening in a lot of places. One of my favorite Instagram pages is called The Nap Ministry. Yes, I do love naps, but that is not why I love the page. The page talks about how we need to take more time to rest and stop listening so much to the capitalistic ideal that we have to grind ourselves to death in order to have a life worth living. It has helped me realize that it is okay to listen to my body when it tells me that it is tired and needs to rest, and I don’t feel guilty about doing what I need to do to make that happen like I would have even five years ago.

So for me, the message of this New Moon in Libra is to slow down, listen, and honor the messages that I am getting from my body. I am working toward a reality that will hopefully make that easier in my day-to-day doings, but in this present moment I will do what I can with what I have.