Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Aries

Today marks the New Moon in Aries, the beginning of a new moon cycle in the beginning of a new zodiac cycle. I am kind of excited about this energy, personally, but I think all of this “beginning” energy could be somewhat overwhelming for some people. Luckily, our Tarot energy reading for this new moon helps us out by showing us how we can keep from getting overwhelmed during this time. So let’s get right to it!

Energy Card for this New Moon Cycle

Queen of Pentacles from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman http://www.thismighthurttarot.com

The energy card for the New Moon in Aries is the Queen of Pentacles. This might seem counter-intuitive because Aries energy is very fiery and full of sparks of new life, but I think this is Spirit’s way of answering that question of how we keep from getting overwhelmed by the energy of this time.

Whenever I look at the card for the Queen of Pentacles, I see someone who is of the earth, who has that innate capability to communicate with earth spirits and who finds so much joy and healing in earth spaces. The way that this Queen of Pentacles is kind of cradling the pentacle, it brings to mind nurturing and tending. So I feel like this card is calling us to return to the cycle of the earth. Right now, the earth is coming alive all around us after the ling winter. Through the energy of the Queen of Pentacles we can touch in with this energy of coming alinve and find places of expression for it in our own lives.

We can also see the Queen of Pentacles as a call to find ways to stay grounded. With this Aries new moon energy, we can have plenty of ideas, new ways to move forward with new projects, new methods to use to manifest our dreams. This kind of energy has the potential to carry us up and away if we aren’t careful and don’t stay grounded in the moment. The Queen of Pentacles beckons us back to the grounding earth, back in the present moment as we sort through all of the new ideas that the Aries new moon energy brings forth.

Journaling with the Queen of Pentacles

So the Queen of Pentacles in the Aries New Moon asks us to think about:

  • How are you coming back to life after the more internalized energy of the winter?
  • Are there new ideas and new themes coming up for you?
  • How can you nurture yourself through this change of energy?
  • What are some grounding techniques you can use to keep from getting overwhelmed by this energy?

Attention Card for the Aries New Moon

The World Card from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman http://www.thismighthurttarot.com

The card for what we are being invited to pay attention to in the Aries New Moon is The World. The World card is the end of the Major Arcana cycle and shows us that we have everything that we need to move through this cycle.

Sometimes when we have a lot of new ideas for projects and new directions, our brain can tell us stories about how we aren’t ready or that we don’t have everything we need to carry out our bold ideas. We might be trying to do something great and innovative and our brain might just pop in and say, “Nope! You aren’t ready. You don’t have everything you need. You need to prepare more. You need to do more to get ready.”

The World card comes to us to let us know that we are ready. We are ready for the next step of the cycle. In the Tarot, the next step after the World is the Fool, the one who takes the great idea and takes that leap to make it a reality. In order to take that leap, though, we need to have the confidence that we can do it. That is what The World tries to give us by letting us know that it is okay and we can handle it.

Journaling with The World

  • When you begin thinking about all these great ideas that are coming up in the Aries New Moon energy, what is your brain telling you that you can’t do?
  • What reasons does your brain give you for why you can’t do these things?
  • Are the reasons true? Sit with each phrase that the brain tells you and ask your heart if any of them are true.
  • Write down the reasons why you know that the brain’s logic is not true.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that the reading and the journaling help you during this time. I would love to hear how the Aries New Moon energy is showing up for you. Let me know in the comments!

Self-Love Tarot Spread

As we moved through Cancer season, the season of self-care, I moved through some shadow work that redefined for me the importance of self-love. Not the narcissistic self-love that cares more about itself than about other people, but the kind of self-love that cares enough about itself that it won’t allow others to hurt, manipulate, shame, or guilt it. This type of self-love has been hard for me all of my life, but is something that Spirit has shown me it is time to work on in a big way. And one of the tools that Spirit gave me to do this is this self-love spread.

Tarot is a natural tool to help ourselves with self-love anyway, because it brings our inner truths out into the open. It puts us in touch with our intuition and our subconscious through the archetypes present on the cards. With this spread, we can work to become clear on specific steps we can take to work on loving ourselves, even those parts that we may not like.

The idea for this spread came when I pulled the Ace of Cups for my daily pull one day. The Aces are generally harder for me to work with or interpret because I have not had as much practice with them, but generally they call our attention to ourselves and our relationship with the energy of the suit. I have always viewed the suit of Cups as having to do with emotions, and my teacher Lindsay Mack teaches that it has to do with the heart and coming back to the heart. So much of our lives happens in our heads, and in order for us to reconnect with ourselves, find ourselves, and take care of ourselves, we need to come back to the heart. That is where our intuition lives, it is really where we live. It can be so hard to come back to that part of ourselves because stress, trauma, and just living our lives in today’s society can cause us to build a wall around our hearts and focus solely on our brains. But we do ourselves a disservice when we live like that. Science is actually proving that our hearts are very robust perceptual organs, and we live better and fuller lives when we put our brain in service of our heart. When we listen to our hearts and connect with our intuition, it causes us to realize that we have placed our needs below those of being productive at our jobs, being available to our families and others who need us, and all of the other ways that we get pushed and pulled in our daily lives. When we slow down and listen to our hearts and really connect, we lead less stressful lives. We can do the things that are required of us better.

They say that you can’t give from an empty cup. The Ace of Cups reminds us of that, to slow down and fill our cup first so that we will be better able to give to others. That is the essence of self-love, making sure that we are taken care of before we try to take care of others. Hopefully this spread will help you in your journey toward self love.

Tarot Reading for Week of 7/4/21

I have not been very consistent with my weekly tarot readings on here. I really want to get better. I am in the process of making some changes in my overall life focus, so maybe that will help. I guess only time will tell!

The energy of this week’s reading is powerful. It really calls on us to change how we are caring for ourselves during this time. But I am going to let the spread speak for itself….

Energy of the Week Ahead: Five of Pentacles

I know what you are thinking right now. When I pulled this card for the energy of the week ahead I thought, “Uh, oh. We are going to be in for a rough week!” When we see the Five of Pentacles we typically think of scarcity, that there is not going to be enough to go around. And this is not surprising since we live in a cultural system that has as a pillar of foundation the proliferation of a scarcity mindset. “Buy more, consume more! Get it now because soon it will be gone!” That kind of energy leads to contraction as we feel like we are competing with everyone else for basic life necessities.

So we might be looking at that this week. We might be looking at a “not enough-ness” of some kind. How are we going to handle that energy this week? When we feel threatened by anything, including not having what we need, our brain can go into a fight-flight-flee response. If we don’t have enough staff coverage at our job our brain might knee-jerk into thinking that we need to get another job. If we run short financially our brains will pick us apart over every little thing we have bought in the last two weeks and foster guilt and shame. These patterns the brain has of fighting or fleeing difficult situations make it hard to be mindful in the heart of the situation. Which is what we need to do. What can we do to foster mindfulness in the heat of a situation of scarcity so that we don’t do something that we might regret? How can we keep ourselves in the present moment and not worry about what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future? How can we stay in the now so that we can productively work through the situation and come out on the other side with our sanity intact? That is what we need to keep in mind as we look at this energy for the week ahead.

What Are We Being Invited to Pay Attention To: Two of Swords

So we know that the energy of this week is going to be one where we have to practice mindfulness so that our brain does not drive us crazy regarding the scarcity that we are going to face this week. Two of swords builds upon that call for mindfulness by telling us that we need to work self-care into the week. Typically with this card it means stopping and coming back to center whenever we feel that the brain is going to start taking over with its stories. The imagery on the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Dugan shows a woman who is blindfolded, holding two swords as if to protect herself. Behind her is a lake. Water typically signifies the emotional realm. The blindfold suggests that the woman cannot see her outer reality at this time, so she must be in her inner reality. And the swords suggest that she is doing this to protect herself from what is going on in the outer reality, that she is protecting her emotional state from the circumstances that are happening in her outer reality.

This kind of thing is as simple as setting up a mindfulness reminder on your phone so that every so often you are reminded to just stop, drop in, and check in. We can get so frantic, especially if we are going through tough times, that we can become out of our bodies in a manner of speaking. We can be totally focused on what comes next, putting out fires around us, and not fully present with ourselves or how we are doing emotionally. Two of Swords reminds us how important it is to stop and check in with ourselves, to go within and make sure that we are okay emotionally.

What We Should Be Mindful Of: Six of Swords

Six of Swords asks us to be aware of who is steering our boat. The imagery of the card shows a person in a boat, paddling on the water. Again, the emotional realm is very present here.

We know that if we put someone else in charge of our emotions, in charge of steering our boat, it can come out badly for us. In my training as an early childhood educator, I learned that any time you make statements like “You are driving me crazy,” you are putting someone else in charge of your emotions. Basically, you are making them captain of your ship. You are then subject to any whims and desires that person has, and it can drive you crazy. Six of Swords tells us to take ownership of our own emotional state. When we go from, “You are driving me crazy,” to “I feel crazy when you do ______,” we begin to build a foundation where communication can happen and change can take place. If we don’t like how something is going down, we can problem solve rather than blame someone else for our emotional upset. This is a powerful skill that Six of Swords reminds us that we have. We are the captains of our emotional ship. This week, it is important that we are mindful of that.

What Should We Embrace: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands is about moving in a way that feels good to you. Sometimes the pace of the people around us can be fast, especially in our society where productivity and grind culture are major focuses for a lot of people. Knight of Wands asks us to be aware of what pace feels good to us and move at that pace. Stop worrying about the way everyone around us moves.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel what pace will work best for us. We are so busy seeing the paths that other people are on and we think that we should be doing what they do as fast as they seem to be doing it. We push ourselves into burnout because we are trying to go someone else’s pace instead of our own.

In order to find our own pace, it is important that we drop in and feel what works best for us. We keep in touch with our inner emotional realm and take care of our nervous system. And then we move, we flow, we dance, we do in ways that feel the best to us.

What We Should Let Go Of: Death

We need to let go of old ways of doing things. The cards in this spread ask us to change how we are dealing with the energies that we are going through at this time. COVID has change a lot about the way the world works, the way business works, and we have to take care of ourselves. We have to remember that the economic system that we are living in right now does not put our needs first, and the staffing shortages, sickness, separation, and other factors brought about by COVID, the political climate, systemic inequality, and other factors require us to rethink how we are living and working in the world. No one else is going to put our needs first, except maybe our families. It is so important that we take care of ourselves during this time, and the death card is here to tell us that the way that we used to do things needs to go. We need to take care of ourselves, guard our nervous systems, take charge of our emotional health, and move in ways that benefit us, not the capitalist system that has burnt us out.

Good luck in the coming week! Let me know in the comments section how it goes!

Becoming of One Mind Tarot Spread

Recently I had a situation where there were two paths in front of me. Each one looked like a good path. Each one had its pros and cons. I have spent a lot of time dipping my foot into each path. But I understood that I could not keep doing that forever. I had to choose a way forward or I would endure consequences of not being able to make up my mind.

We have all been there. Indecision can drive you crazy. I know it was doing that to me. Before I went too crazy, though, I was able to pull out my deck and come up with this spread that helped me more than I can possibly explain to you. So I decided to share it here so that it could help someone else if they were having issues with indecision.

Also, this is the first time I have used my tablet to draw a spread layout. Please be gentle with your judgements!

The Spread

Spread Layout for Becoming of One Mind Spread

Sometimes it is hard to hear what your heart wants when your mind is going a mile a minute. This spread can help cut through the noise and put you on the path of what you really want.

Let me know in the comments how this spread has helped you!

Making Tarot Cards Relate to You

I feel weird writing a post about tarot card meanings because I feel like I’m not that far along in my journey with tarot. I guess I’ve been reading for myself pretty inconsistently for couple of years now. One thing I’ve found that makes it easier to be consistent is making the cards relatable.

Now, I feel like I’m probably plunging into an area of tarot that a lot of people disagree about. When I first picked up a pack of tarot cards, I was really big into memorizing the traditional meanings of the cards. After all, the cards have had those meanings for so long for a reason, right? Why mess with something that has remained unchanged for so long? I looked with disdain at decks where the authors did their own thing, jumping out of the mold of Rider-Waite or Thoth.

My thinking about tarot has changed a lot since those days as a baby tarot reader. When I stuck to the traditional meanings I didn’t read cards very much because I had a hard time relating to them. When I took a course that helped me look at the cards in a more relatable way (thank you, Lindsay Mack) I started reading cards a lot more often and using them as a way to connect with my intuition. Not only that, but using tarot in this way has seemed to be a gateway that has allowed my intuition to open up even more. I am feeling energies that I did not before, which I will expound on more in a moment.

Even after I took the Tarot course, I have still been married to the idea of memorizing card meanings. This time, though, it was Lindsay Mack’s card meanings that I was trying to memorize instead of the traditional Rider-Waite meanings. And while I have found that Lindsay Mack’s meanings are not that far off from the traditional meanings, there are some cards where either meaning just doesn’t feel relatable to me.

One thing that Lindsay Mack said over and over again in the course I took (Tarot for the Wild Soul) was that you should create your own meanings to make tarot relatable to you. Don’t count on her meanings or the traditional meanings, or the meanings in the little book that comes with the deck, or anyone else’s interpretation of the tarot. Tarot is only useful when it is relatable to you. And she’s right. How many more times have I pulled my deck out since taking her course and having the cards relate more to my life? I’m trying to do weekly spreads on this blog because I feel like I can now because the cards make more sense to me.

But this week I ran into a card that even Lindsay Mack’s meaning did not feel relatable to me:

The Three of Cups from the Witch’s Tarot by Ellen Dugan

The suit of Cups has always been hard for me to relate to because a lot of times I feel cut off from my feelings. But the tarot is actually helping me out with that by reminding me that the thinking brain is not all that there is, and that heart perception is actually even more important when it comes to life’s journey than the brain. You can disagree with me about this point if you want to. That is just my opinion in this stage of my journey. But moving back to the three of cups, when I got this card the other day I looked at the traditional meaning first:

“A gathering of friends, family, or coven members to celebrate. The power of three and the magick of manifestation. Observing the sabbats, sharing experiences,” (Dugan). Well, with the pandemic going on there is no gathering going on with me. I haven’t gotten together with friends or family members since March, and I’m not a member of a coven. Even before the pandemic I didn’t gather much. I don’t have a lot of friends (by choice) and am pretty solitary and eclectic in my magickal workings. So this definition did not work for me on any level.

Then I looked at Lindsay Mack’s interpretation:

“An invitation to come together with ourselves and our invisible community in a kind of ritual celebration,” (Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the Wild Soul, 2020). Her definition continued with an appeal to including well ancestors and how we can free ancestors who were able to come along but could not.

I am not criticizing ancestor work. Let me make that clear up front. I believe that our ancestors watch over us and help us along our way. But ancestor work is not something that I have done much of yet in my spiritual journey. It is something that I know that I am moving toward slowly in different ways, but is not something that is really happening in my practice yet. So this interpretation did not really resonate with me either.

However, I began to piece something together that does resonate with me. In Dugan’s book, the interpretation also mentions creativity and growth. And Lindsay Mack has helped me connect in a deeper way to spirit and my spirit guides. So to me the obvious interpretation would be:

“Connecting with Spirit in order to create. To be a channel for Spirit so that creations are in alignment with what is in our highest and best.”

Earlier in this post I mentioned being more connected to the energies that are out there, and this is actually an example of that. This year, according to the Tarot, is an Emperor year. It is a year for finding our voice, stepping into our truth, and knowing ourselves in a deep and meaningful way. Being able to stop relying so much on the Tarot meanings that others have come up with and make the Tarot something that you truly resonate with is a manifestation of that Emperor energy. Sometimes it is hard to do, to think outside the box that has been in place for so long, but as you work to make your practice your own, and make the tools of your practice work for you, you come into your own as a true practitioner of Magick.

Tarot Spread for the Week of 10/18/20

We are halfway through the month of October already, and where I live fall has shown up. The temperatures are down in the 60s (Fahrenheit) and fall is definitely in the air. Last week I took a day off from my day job to celebrate the new moon in Libra and flex my creative muscles. I made a “Balance” candle in honor of the new moon, and began working on creating candles from molds, something I haven’t done too much of but I’m experimenting with as I feel my way forward with this new venture.

Here is the tarot spread for this week:

What are we being invited to pay attention to? Nine of Swords from The Witch’s Tarot by Ellen Dugan

1. What are we being invited to pay attention to in the week ahead?

Nine of Swords: Pay attention to the stories your brain is telling you this week. Apparently, our brains are on overdrive trying to keep us safe, because I pulled this card last week as well. Your brain likes to be a drama queen and blow everything out of proportion. Sit with the feelings that your brain is bringing up. What is the truth there? What is actually happening behind the drama? The brain’s job is to keep us safe, so it likes to tell us stories that keep us small. What is the best way to align with your truth? What is your brain so afraid of? Perhaps sitting with that and journaling about it will help the brain move past these fears.

What card can we call upon for motivation? Two of Cups from The Witch’s Tarot

2. What card can we call upon for motivation to meet our goals in the week ahead?

Two of Cups asks us to connect deeply with ourselves and our desires this week. Look at the parts of yourself that make it hard to achieve your goals: that part of yourself that procrastinates, or that part of yourself that is in chronic pain so you have to pace yourself more than you would like. Look at your struggle with these parts of yourself and honor it. You might not like it. You might get super frustrated at those parts of yourself on this journey. But they are there and they are a part of you. How can you work with these parts of yourself so that you don’t feel like you are fighting yourself to get anything done? Why does the part of yourself that procrastinates exist? What purpose is it trying to serve? What lesson is it trying to teach you? How can you align that part of yourself with your heart?

What are we being invited to let go of? Knight of Cups

3. What are we being invited to let go of as we move through the week?

Knight of cups tells us to stop trying to do all of the things. Let go of trying to be everything to everybody. This card asks us to move through our world in a way that is balanced, that is focused on doing what we can do in the present moment. It is also asking us to connect with our feelings about what is going on in our day, to be present with ourselves each day this week, instead of moving through our day as a machine does, just trying to do as much as possible. Allow yourself to feel.

Archetype card of the week from The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans

The archetype that we are working with this week is The Dead End. This card tells us that there is something in our lives that is ending. It might be a relationship, a job, or something else. This card reminds us that every ending means a new beginning, so while the end might be rough and emotional, we can appreciate that there is a new beginning coming to us as well. Embrace the things that are happening this week that can help you move toward the door that is opening for you.

I hope you have a great week!

Tarot Spread for Week of 10/11/2020

What a year this has been. I think we can all agree that with everything that has been happening during this year, it has been energy draining, to say the least. Personally, I have been moving through the year with a lot of fear due to the pandemic, and the energy involved in the elections is always draining to me.

In spite of all of this, my guides gave me a vision to follow quite some time ago. Due to all of the uncertainty and fear, it has been hard to follow the vision. I haven’t really been doing much of anything on a consistent basis. But it is time to change all of that. I am making a commitment to begin using my cards more because they are an awesome tool for figuring out the way forward. There are other things that I am committed to doing, but for now, this is where I am going to start.

The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

1. What am I being invited to pay attention to in the week ahead?

Nine of Swords – Sit with yourself and do no buy into the bullshit that your brain is telling you. Your brain’s main job is to keep you safe, and in order to do that, it tells you things that keep you playing small, keep you working in the same capacity that you have been in all this time. What is your brain telling you that is keeping you playing small and safe? What is it telling you that you are using to prevent you from moving forward with your dreams? There is a lot of anxiety and fear out there right now. Don’t let the messages that your brain tells you keep you from following your dreams. What is the best way for you to be in truth this week?

What is the best way for you to be in your truth? The moon

The moon tells us that no one knows what is going to happen moving forward, least of all your brain. Your guides have given you a goal to work toward. You can be with the uncertainty of the times without allowing your brain to run your whole life. Surrender to the uncertainty and don’t allow it to dampen your desire for the future you have been shown.

What card can I call upon for motivation to reach my goals as I move through the week? The King of Pentacles

2. What card can I call upon for motivation to reach my goals as I move through the week?

King of Pentacles – You have work that you are meant to do in this world. Your true self is aching to do this work. Listen to your true self. Let it guide you as you move through your week. Commit to doing the work that you are meant to do in this world, and realize that everything else is just a vehicle to help you get there. Let your soul guide you through the process of using the vehicle and moving through the world.

What am I being invited to let go of? Knight of Swords

3. What am I being invited to let go of?

Knight of Swords – Let go of the thought that you can’t do this. You don’t have what it takes. The Knight of Swords says that you do have what it takes. It says that your brain tells you one thing about your energy and your heart knows something else. Sit with yourself and find that part of you beyond your mind that truly knows what you are capable of.

Archetype Card of the Week: Aletheia (Kim Krans)

Aletheia tells us that we are being called to reclaim our truth. Live in that truth. According to the book, “Reclaiming your own truth is a way to reclaim your vital energy, health, and sense of belonging in the world,” (Krans, 221, Archetype Guide Book from The Wild Unknown Archetypes).

What is your story? What is your truth? Speak it to yourself and begin to live by it in a place free from guilt and shame.

Wishing you a week lived in your truth.

THE Voice

What an amazing time of year. I can’t get over how magical everything has seemed lately, but perhaps that is less about the time of the year than about the journey that I am moving into. Whatever is causing this feeling of wonder, I hope it doesn’t stop. It is a very blessed thing, being able to see magic in different aspects of the year, of life, and of people, of nature. Being able to appreciate the uniqueness that they bring to the world.

This particular time of this particular year has definitely felt like an energy portal. I feel like something big is about to happen. Maybe that’s because I’ve been doing all of this work to create, and I know that the new year is when those creations will make their way out into the world. Maybe its because everyone and their mother in this community is talking about how powerful the energy is during this time. Maybe its because my own energy is shifting, or maybe it is a combination of all of these things. I don’t know, but I am loving this energy, although it can be a little overwhelming at times.

I’ve done a lot of reflection on this past year and a lot of mental preparation for the coming year, more than I ever have in previous years. Tarot has been a big part of that for me since I’m utilizing the Tarot for the first time in a consistent way. I’m also preparing for the birth of my project, so that leads to a lot of mental preparation as well. Because of all of this reflecting, I came to a very strong realization about the previous decade and the one coming up.

The last decade, the one of my thirties, was a busy time for me. I was going to school, working full time, studying beyond what school taught me. I created my own business and became super knowledgeable in my field. And as I thought on the decade and what I have learned about the decade to come, I realized that this past decade has been one all about working with knowledge with my brain. That’s where it was at for me. I read everything I could get my hands on about my field, I applied it in my classrooms, and I regurgitated it in my school classes. I used that knowledge to build up my business. It was all about the brain and what I could accomplish using it. It was also about using other people’s words and knowledge to try to build something unique, which can be challenging and sometimes feels like you are regurgitating someone else’s voice. When I had my business in that field, it never truly felt like my voice because I built what I did off of the voices of other people and the knowledge that they had also acquired from others. Such is the path of brain knowledge, perhaps.

As I have gone down this path, I have attempted to do it using that same method – the knowledge of the brain. I have tried to read the books, figure out what THE correspondences are, and find an ultimate truth to this path. But what I am finding is that it is hard, nearly impossible, to get anywhere on this path simply by using the power of the brain. It is impossible to get anywhere on this path by thinking about it from the perspective that there is one set of knowledge that is the correct one and that is the one that you must follow. This path is about a different kind of thinking, a different kind of interacting with the world. It requires an acknowledgement that, while this path is universal in its scope, people from different parts of the world have different truths based on their personal experiences. Hell, the person sitting across the room from me has a different truth based on their personal experience, even though we are in the same part of the world.

This path is about communicating with the heart, and using intuition and heart-centered knowledge to find your own voice in the midst of all of the brain knowledge out there. It is about finding what is true for you and using that to build something wonderful. So it only stands to reason for me that this coming decade is going to be about finding my voice using knowledge of the heart and my intuition. It is going to be about building my path based on that voice and not so much on the voices of others that have come before me. While their voices were true for them and can lend some guidance to my path ahead, this path is ultimately mine and can look different from someone else’s path.

Heart knowledge also requires us to slow down, something that I have been in desperate need of. Working from the brain, especially in our capitalistic system, requires us to move faster and push harder. It’s all about the grind, how much we can produce and how productive we are. People become faceless as they are thought of as “the consumer” or “the customer.” The world around us becomes a source of materials for the work that we do. Heart knowledge requires us to slow down and listen, not just with our ears, but with our intuition and our heart. It requires us to get in touch with ourselves on a more intimate level, not just looking at ourselves from a brain-based space (perhaps more on what that means in a later post), but really getting to know ourselves on a deeper level. It also requires us to get to know others on that same level, to listen to them between the lines and reach out our hearts to them to truly feel them. It means slowing down and listening to nature, to really perceive what is going on around us with our plant and stone allies right in our own neighborhoods, as well as on paths in wooded areas. It requires us to truly connect with others, something that seems to get harder and harder as we move through this age of technology and consumerism.

So this is why this new decade feels so powerful to me. This is the energy that I am going to be working with this year, and probably beyond that throughout the decade. Through interacting with the world from this heart space, I will be able to create a space to work that is much truer to myself than the one I worked in during the previous decade, one that can resonate more with others because we are interacting on a different level than I have with others in the previous decade. And THE voice will be my voice, a voice truer than one of the past because it will not be clouded with the voices of others. Enhanced, maybe. But not clouded.

This is truly a magickal time.