This, Too, Shall Pass

The title of this post may seem flippant when it comes to the subject of the Coronavirus, but I promise you it is not. I have been very on-edge for the past four days over the Coronavirus. I have a huge addiction to news sites and social media whenever we are in the midst of […]

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Slow Medicine

A Mars-looking plant, perfect for Scorpio season. Last month we entered into Scorpio season, which is during the height of the fall season. The beings of the earth are moving inward, the trees are letting go of their leaves, and with the veil being thin, it has been a time to commune with ancestors and […]

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The Foundation of Magick

I had planned on making a couple of different types of candles yesterday – a love spell candle focused on connection and communication, and a calming candle. That’s been my new hobby – making spell candles charged with intention, hopefully for people who want or need a candle to further an intention. I have really […]

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Self Care

The biggest thing I did for self-care this week is quit my job. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I love my job as a teacher of young children. It has been very fulfilling for me and has been a passion of mine. But in life we […]

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