Full Moon in Cancer

It feels almost poetic that the full moon in Cancer occurs just days after we enter the year of the Chariot, the Major Arcana card corresponding to Cancer. It’s almost like the universe is telling us that this is a really big deal, and we need to be prepared for it. And after the New Moon in Capricorn at the beginning of this cycle, with its call to get really clear and organized with the new energies that are whirling about right now, it is nece to be able to take a step back and gain some perspective. And that perspective is the difference between logical, rigid Capricorn and emotional, vulnerable Cancer.

There is nothing wrong with thinking through the path forward in a clear, logical manner. But logic without emotions is rather robotic. With the full moon marking the middle of this cycle, it asks us to consider the why of our logic. Logically your path makes sense, but does it fit with your why? And ultimately, how do you feel about that logic, anyway?

We also must remember that Cancer is about the Chariot, the vehicle that will carry us through the rest of this cycle. What vehicle has carried us so far? Is it working for us? How does it feel? What might we need to let go of for this vehicle to be more comfortable as we move to the end of this cycle?

For me personally, the New Moon in Capricorn added an energy of structure that I wasn’t necessarily ready for. It felt good at first to get out my planners, make lists of what I needed to get accomplished, and establish clear, precise goals moving forward. But as someone with a lot of air in my natal chart, I can’t work that way for long. It becomes too structured, too much pressure, and that friction creates a fire that will eventually burn me out. Because stress has caused so many health issues for me already, I am ot willing to sacrifice my health for that much structure. My vehicle moving forward needs to include some flexibility.

This morning I was driving in my car (a type of Chariot) and it was very foggy outside. At times it was hard to see where I was going. It made me think of how very much that is like life. We can choose a chariot and perhaps a direction, but in the end we don’t really know where we are going. We know where we would like to end up, but most of the time things happen that throw us off course. So we can spend our time fighting these things, trying to get ourselves back on the course we feel our lives should be on, or we can let go of our expectations and see where the new direction takes us. It is definitely a place of vulnerability, but it brings to mind the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that says, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” And it is another reminder that no matter how hard we try, we can’t control anyone or anything around us. We can only control how we react to circumstances, so we might as well buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Full Moon in Cancer Spread

Card 1: Energy of this full moon

Card 2: What should I do to temper the logic of the Capricorn New Moon?

Card 3: What do I need to let go of for the rest of this moon cycle?

Card 4: How do I need to change my vehicle moving forward?

Card 5: What can I do to better enjoy this journey called life?

Out of the Lover’s Year, Into the Chariot

The Lover’s Card from the Smith-Rider-Waite tarot

2022 was a heck of a year. For some reason I thought that a Lover’s year couldn’t be all that bad. It would be about getting in touch with myself and what is really important to me, so a lot of introspection and identifying how to move forward.

The Lover’s year was about that, but rather than giving me time to contemplate what was important to me, it brutally and ruthlessly showed me. The realization that stress is killing me came into sharp focus through a hospital stay where I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes. Both have gotten markedly better after very intentional stress reduction and lifestyle changes. Two more of my immediate family members were also hospitalized this year, with life-changing consequences for each of them. This brought the importance of family and health into focus. My spirituality also came to the forefront in my life as a major way to relieve stress and turn focus away from the stress-causing commercial, capitalist culture we live it. Through my spirituality, community has also take a place in my priorities. My family couldn’t have come through what we have come through without the community we have around us, and I want to continue to grow that community moving forward.

The year wasn’t all brutality. My long-time partner and I got married in a small ceremony out in nature. It was truly beautiful and included everything I hold dear. My family was brought closer together and what is truly important to me came into sharp focus. So positives definitely came out of the crazy that happened this year.

Reflection of the Lover’s Year

I say all of that to say that the Lover’s year is a time to become very clear about what is important to you, what is moving forward with you into the new year, and what needs to be left behind. So take a moment to reflect on what 2022 brought you:

  • What are some specific occurrences that took place in your life in 2022?
  • What did each of these things teach you about yourself and what is important to you?
  • What did each of these things teach you about what needs to be left behind as you move forward?

By taking this time to reflect on the past year, you can gain some clarity about what needs to move forward into 2023 and what needs to stay behind. Another way to gain this clarity is to do a tarot spread. Using this spread can help get you started on your reflection process if you are drawing a blank with the reflection questions.

2022 Lover’s Year Reflection Spread

  • What has 2022 shown me is important to me?
  • What is moving forward with me into 2023? (Draw up to 3 cards)
  • What needs to stay behind in 2022? (Draw up to 3 cards)

Moving Into the Chariot Year

The Chariot card from the Smith-Rider-Waite Tarot.

2023 marks the beginning of the year of the Chariot, because when you add the digits of the year together (2+0+2+3) you get seven, the number of the Chariot in the Major Arcana. I have a Tarot Deep Dive I did on the Chariot in the past, but I would like to take time to expand on that post and really apply the meaning to the present moment. Obviously, your present moment is going to look different from mine, but the energy of the Chariot is something that we all face universally, so some of what I discuss here may apply to you. You can take what resonates and leave the rest.

So when we talk about the Chariot we are talking about the vehicle that moves us through life. In dream interpretation, cars (a type of chariot) can stand for where we are going in life and the means we are taking to get there. So in the Lovers year we spent a lot of time defining what is important to us and what in our lives is moving forward. Now with the Chariot year we are defining how we are moving forward with those things. So there are a lot of different ways this can go for anyone, depending on what they defined as importand and necessary to move forward.

The Chariot card corresponds to the sign of Cancer, and the sign for Cancer is the crab. When we look at the crab, we see that the crab moves around with his shell on his back, and he does this for a while but then eventually he outfrows that shell and needs to find a new one. But the old shell is safe. It protects him. So in order to leave that shell, the thing that is familiar and safe, the crab has to make himself vulnerable while he moves to the new unknown shell.

And that’s always the hard part, isn’t it? Stepping out into vulnerability. We like the safety of where we are. But the thing is, the crab can’t grow if he stays in the same old shell. Just like us, he has to move to a space of vulnerability in order to grow. If we are willing to move forward with these things that are important to us, we may have to become vulnerable as we are finding the right vehicle to make that happen.

There is another aspect to the Chariot that we need to think about as we begin the year. In the Smith-Rider-Waite deck, the sphinxes are not only two different colors, but they are also pointed in two different directions. When we are talking about going anywhere, in any vehicle, we always have a choice about which direction we should go. And a lot of times, more than one direction looks appealing to us. But if we are constantly going back and forth about what direction to go in, we will never end up getting anywhere. The key to this is looking at the options that are open to us and striking a balance between them.

When its put like this, it seems to simple. But stepping out in vulnerability is hard. Being willing to open up to your authentic self, to the things that are important to you, is hard. But this is what we will be working on all year in terms of our growth.

So here is a spread to help you get started on this journey:

The 2023 Chariot Year Spread

  • What is moving forward with me into 2023? (Use the cards you pulled in the last spread, or draw new ones)
  • How am I being invited to move forward with these things? (Draw one card for each item from the last question)
  • How can I step out in vulnerability in order to make this direction happen?
  • How can I achieve balance when I have more than one option open?

Hopefully this will give you a good place to start on your journey into Chariot energy. I will be posting more about the Chariot and the energies of the 7 as we move forward into the year.

Let me know how your spreads turned out in the comments, or any other thoughts you have about the move from the Lovers year to the Chariot year.

Self-Love Tarot Spread

As we moved through Cancer season, the season of self-care, I moved through some shadow work that redefined for me the importance of self-love. Not the narcissistic self-love that cares more about itself than about other people, but the kind of self-love that cares enough about itself that it won’t allow others to hurt, manipulate, shame, or guilt it. This type of self-love has been hard for me all of my life, but is something that Spirit has shown me it is time to work on in a big way. And one of the tools that Spirit gave me to do this is this self-love spread.

Tarot is a natural tool to help ourselves with self-love anyway, because it brings our inner truths out into the open. It puts us in touch with our intuition and our subconscious through the archetypes present on the cards. With this spread, we can work to become clear on specific steps we can take to work on loving ourselves, even those parts that we may not like.

The idea for this spread came when I pulled the Ace of Cups for my daily pull one day. The Aces are generally harder for me to work with or interpret because I have not had as much practice with them, but generally they call our attention to ourselves and our relationship with the energy of the suit. I have always viewed the suit of Cups as having to do with emotions, and my teacher Lindsay Mack teaches that it has to do with the heart and coming back to the heart. So much of our lives happens in our heads, and in order for us to reconnect with ourselves, find ourselves, and take care of ourselves, we need to come back to the heart. That is where our intuition lives, it is really where we live. It can be so hard to come back to that part of ourselves because stress, trauma, and just living our lives in today’s society can cause us to build a wall around our hearts and focus solely on our brains. But we do ourselves a disservice when we live like that. Science is actually proving that our hearts are very robust perceptual organs, and we live better and fuller lives when we put our brain in service of our heart. When we listen to our hearts and connect with our intuition, it causes us to realize that we have placed our needs below those of being productive at our jobs, being available to our families and others who need us, and all of the other ways that we get pushed and pulled in our daily lives. When we slow down and listen to our hearts and really connect, we lead less stressful lives. We can do the things that are required of us better.

They say that you can’t give from an empty cup. The Ace of Cups reminds us of that, to slow down and fill our cup first so that we will be better able to give to others. That is the essence of self-love, making sure that we are taken care of before we try to take care of others. Hopefully this spread will help you in your journey toward self love.

Full Moon in Aquarius

It is interesting, us entering into Leo season at the same time that we experience a full moon in the sign opposite to Leo. I know that the way the moon cycles go, we will almost always have a full moon in the opposite sign of the season we are in. But this time it is occurring on the same day, and that just struck me as interesting. Typically signs that oppose each other also hold somewhat opposing energies. We can learn a lot about one sign simply by looking at the sign that it opposes.

Aquarius is all about the expression of the self. Aquarius wants to know the honest, uncompromising truth about itself and wants to live that out. While Leo’s skill is bringing inner processes into outer manifestation, Aquarius is the process that discovers what should be brought forth. Aquarius holds itself under a microscope in order to figure out who it truly is apart from society, apart from culture, apart from anything that attempts to define it or put it in a box. Leo, on the other hand, attempts to find and express itself within that culture and society, because that culture and society gives it the feedback that it needs to keep moving forward.

Aquarius does not need feedback. The feedback will only throw Aquarius off course because the feedback is the voice of society. It is not that Aquarius doesn’t appreciate the voice of society, but that voice can lead Aquarius away from the ultimate truths that it seeks. Aquarius is good at looking behind the noise, behind the narratives, to get straight to the truth of the matter.

Letting Go – Journal Prompts

The full moon is a time of letting go of things that aren’t meant to come with you through the remainder of this moon cycle. During this time we can ask ourselves:

  • In what ways are we listening to the voices around us instead of following our own truths?
  • How can we cut through the noise around us to connect with our inner truth?
  • What can you do to express yourself? How do you want to, regardless of what other people might think?

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

This spread is intended to help you through the energy of this full moon.

Entering Leo Season

We have been on a sort of journey through this zodiacal year. We have witnessed birth when Aries season came in, seen nature grow and take hold with Taurus. Gemini season brought about the exchange of information through the release of pollen into the air, as well as the mating signals of the animals. Cancer brought the sunlight and the rains that the plants and animals need to survive and thrive by taking them inside. Now we are arriving at Leo season, where nature is full of outward expression brought about with the help of the rains and sun of Cancer. Nature shows us this through putting forth flowers, fruits, vegetables.

Most of the time we think of Leo as loving to be in the spotlight and being the center of attention. But Leo energy is slightly more subtle than that. Leo takes all of the inner growth that took place in Cancer season and brings it to outer manifestation. So Leo is very much about taking what is brewing on the inside and bringing it out where everyone can see it and enjoy it, much the same as nature does during Leo season. And while for some people this may come more naturally than for others, everyone can do this – everyone has some expression of Leo in their lives. Our thoughts and ideas don’t just exist in a vacuum; we speak them, write them, draw them, cook them, play them – we are creators at our core and our ideas come out into the world. Everything on earth that has been created once started out as a potentiality (Aries), then an idea (Taurus), then a plan or communication to others (Gemini), then a gathering and building of resources (Cancer, and then the beginning of outward manifestation (Leo). It is all part of the creative process.

Tarot Card of Leo: Strength VIII

Strength card from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

The imagery on the Strength card shows a woman sitting with a lion. Both the woman and the lion are comfortable; neither one is scared to be with the other. In fact, they both look to be very comfortable with the other. The woman, the archetype, also has an infinity loop over her head.

So we have already said that Leo energy involves bringing inner processes into outward manifestation. Anyone who is or aspires to be a creator knows how daunting that can be, to reach into the depths of yourself, create something out of what you find there, and then bring yourself to that point of vulnerability where you offer your creation to the world. It’s daunting because of those “what ifs” that rear their heads when you offer something to the world: what if no one likes it, what if people hate it, what if its not good enough, and on and on. The Strength card is about making yourself that vulnerable, that you can approach that lion that represents those fears, and approach it undefended, in complete vulnerability. Could you imagine if the woman in the card went to the lion with any kind of defense? I doubt we would be seeing this picture if that were the case. The energy would be different because there would not be that level of trust there, and the level of comfort that the card shows would be unattainable. Just as, if we are unable to make ourselves that vulnerable, our creations would never make it into the world.

We don’t just have to approach our creation with vulnerability, though. We also have to approach the process of going within, completing those inner processes, with vulnerability as well. If we don’t, if we show up to ourselves and our work defended, on the defensive, we will never fully open up to who we really are and our creations will reflect that. We won’t fully know ourselves or be fully comfortable with ourselves, and it is hard to create from that place of authenticity. In order to be authentically us, we have to open up and be vulnerable, be honest with ourselves about our inner work.

This takes courage, to be able to look at ourselves, look at our shit, and do it in a way where we are undefended, not closing ourselves off to what we see or the lessons we could learn from it. It also takes courage to be vulnerable enough to put pieces of ourselves out there for the whole world to see. It takes courage to face and approach the lion undefended. But as we see in the card imagery, the lion is not necessarily as scary as we once believed.

The infinite symbol in this card is special, as only three cards in the deck have this symbol. I believe that this symbol means that there is more at work here than simply what I have already said. Lions and humans don’t simply sit together, no matter how open and vulnerable you make yourself. There is another power at work here as well. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work at this. We do have to show up and we do have to be willing to be vulnerable. But that Higher Power, Spirit, the Universe – whatever you want to call it – shows up when we allow ourselves to be this vulnerable and open, and helps us bring that forth into outer manifestation. That is the power of this card.

Tarot Spread for Leo Season

This spread is designed to help guide you through the energy of Leo season.

Weekly Tarot Spread for 7/11/21

Well, I can now say I have done weekly spreads two weeks in a row! I’m not sure that I’ve accomplished that before now, and I’m glad I have done it. Last week’s spread really helped me, and I hope that it helped you too. Let’s see what this week’s spread has to offer.

Energy for the Week Ahead: Four of Cups

The astrological correspondence for this card is Moon in Cancer, which, we just went through the New Moon in Cancer so this energy is still very present right now. There is a lot of moving water in the card imagery, waterfalls, suggesting that emotions are moving, changing, in flux. Maybe we don’t know how we feel about what is going on right now, or our emotions are all over the place. We are invited to just sit with that this week, to feel into that, however that shows up for us. It can be uncomfortable, to have all of these emotions just swirling around, but we can anchor in the moon, which invites us to get still and listen to our guides, our bodies, and our intuition. Just listen and connect.

What are we being invited to pay attention to: Six of Wands

Spirit has given you ideas and a sense of purpose. The knight in the card imagery is not worried about what anyone else thinks about his purpose. He is venturing out to accomplish it, complete faith in his ability to do so. We are being invited to pay attention to our own sense of purpose and our views on what others feel about that. Does it matter what others think? Not really, if what spirit has given you is in your highest and best. And really, if you are in alignment with those guides who have your highest and best in mind, then there should be no question about that.

What should we be mindful of: Five of Pentacles

It looks like we are still dealing with some of that scarcity that came in like a wrecking ball last week. Where in your life did it show up? Was it real scarcity, or just a scarcity mindset that you dealt with? Be mindful of where you are feeling scarcity this week and avoid knee-jerk, reactive actions that you might regret later. Scarcity can be hard to deal with, but if you just sit with it a little bit and find something to do to ground yourself, you can move past the discomfort and begin to problem-solve through it.

What should we embrace: Queen of Wands

Embrace that part of you that is the creator, with the ability to change your reality. If these is something we don’t like, we can change it. We can create the reality we want. All of this takes time, but we are invited to embrace that part of ourselves that can make this possible this week.

What should we let go of: The Wheel of the Year

We should let go of our linear concept of time and energy. Our society conditions us that we must be productive and grinding all of the time, go, go, go. But everything in nature works in cycles. The seasons, the moon. Our energy is the same way. Some days it seems like we can move mountains, and other days it seems like we barely have the energy to get out of bed. Embracing these cycles instead of pushing ourselves to be productive through them no matter what the cost can really help us as we move through the next week. Be mindful of your energy and your energy cycle and honor it in whatever ways that you can.

I hope that this spread helps you as you work through the coming week. Let me know how it goes in the comments!

New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Cancer, and I have been pondering the energetics of this new moon for a few days now. I’ve been looking at Cancer a bit closely since it is Cancer season, and I have been preparing a Tarot Deep Dive into The Chariot.

The most popular way to think about Cancer energy is to think about an emotional energy; Cancer is most equated with emotions and an emotional nature. I feel that this is lazy astrology work however, because there is a lot more to Cancer than this. Cancer is a nurturing energy, since it is related to the still waters of the earth and the nurturing and protecting waters of the body such as breast milk and the water sac that protects the heart. Water feeds life on this earth and allows living things on this earth to grow and survive, so it is vitally important. And while the water element does equate to emotions in the Tarot, it can also equate to nurturing.

The sign for Cancer is the crab, and the most prominent feature of the crab is its protective shell. Cancer is also about protecting ourselves from overwhelm or hurt from forces and energies outside of us. But on the flip side of that, if we spend all of our time protecting ourselves we run the risk of growing afraid to make ourselves vulnerable. When we come out of our shell and make ourselves vulnerable growth happens, we meet new people, we build connections. While being in our shell keeps us safe, it does not allow room for much growth. We will explore this more in the upcoming Tarot Deep Dive for The Chariot.

New Moon energy has to do with new beginnings, the beginning of a new cycle. Sometimes just starting a new thing can make us feel vulnerable. We can put off starting anything because we are afraid of failure. But if we don’t start anything, we don’t accomplish anything. We don’t expand and grow because we stay contracted and protected in the shell of our own making. The New Moon in Cancer can invite us to come out of our shell and start something new.

But perhaps you are overwhelmed right now. This last year and a half has been overwhelming for a lot of people, myself included. You feel like you have been vulnerable enough during these times and keep getting hurt by the news, the economy, the lock downs, and everything else that COVID has brought to us. For you, the New Moon in Cancer might be inviting you to slow down and nurture yourself during this time. Take a break from the news. Turn off your social media for a bit. Slow down and relax, connecting to yourself and your emotional state at this time. Tend to the trauma that COVID brought. Rest.

Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Cancer

Tarot Reading for Week of 7/4/21

I have not been very consistent with my weekly tarot readings on here. I really want to get better. I am in the process of making some changes in my overall life focus, so maybe that will help. I guess only time will tell!

The energy of this week’s reading is powerful. It really calls on us to change how we are caring for ourselves during this time. But I am going to let the spread speak for itself….

Energy of the Week Ahead: Five of Pentacles

I know what you are thinking right now. When I pulled this card for the energy of the week ahead I thought, “Uh, oh. We are going to be in for a rough week!” When we see the Five of Pentacles we typically think of scarcity, that there is not going to be enough to go around. And this is not surprising since we live in a cultural system that has as a pillar of foundation the proliferation of a scarcity mindset. “Buy more, consume more! Get it now because soon it will be gone!” That kind of energy leads to contraction as we feel like we are competing with everyone else for basic life necessities.

So we might be looking at that this week. We might be looking at a “not enough-ness” of some kind. How are we going to handle that energy this week? When we feel threatened by anything, including not having what we need, our brain can go into a fight-flight-flee response. If we don’t have enough staff coverage at our job our brain might knee-jerk into thinking that we need to get another job. If we run short financially our brains will pick us apart over every little thing we have bought in the last two weeks and foster guilt and shame. These patterns the brain has of fighting or fleeing difficult situations make it hard to be mindful in the heart of the situation. Which is what we need to do. What can we do to foster mindfulness in the heat of a situation of scarcity so that we don’t do something that we might regret? How can we keep ourselves in the present moment and not worry about what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future? How can we stay in the now so that we can productively work through the situation and come out on the other side with our sanity intact? That is what we need to keep in mind as we look at this energy for the week ahead.

What Are We Being Invited to Pay Attention To: Two of Swords

So we know that the energy of this week is going to be one where we have to practice mindfulness so that our brain does not drive us crazy regarding the scarcity that we are going to face this week. Two of swords builds upon that call for mindfulness by telling us that we need to work self-care into the week. Typically with this card it means stopping and coming back to center whenever we feel that the brain is going to start taking over with its stories. The imagery on the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Dugan shows a woman who is blindfolded, holding two swords as if to protect herself. Behind her is a lake. Water typically signifies the emotional realm. The blindfold suggests that the woman cannot see her outer reality at this time, so she must be in her inner reality. And the swords suggest that she is doing this to protect herself from what is going on in the outer reality, that she is protecting her emotional state from the circumstances that are happening in her outer reality.

This kind of thing is as simple as setting up a mindfulness reminder on your phone so that every so often you are reminded to just stop, drop in, and check in. We can get so frantic, especially if we are going through tough times, that we can become out of our bodies in a manner of speaking. We can be totally focused on what comes next, putting out fires around us, and not fully present with ourselves or how we are doing emotionally. Two of Swords reminds us how important it is to stop and check in with ourselves, to go within and make sure that we are okay emotionally.

What We Should Be Mindful Of: Six of Swords

Six of Swords asks us to be aware of who is steering our boat. The imagery of the card shows a person in a boat, paddling on the water. Again, the emotional realm is very present here.

We know that if we put someone else in charge of our emotions, in charge of steering our boat, it can come out badly for us. In my training as an early childhood educator, I learned that any time you make statements like “You are driving me crazy,” you are putting someone else in charge of your emotions. Basically, you are making them captain of your ship. You are then subject to any whims and desires that person has, and it can drive you crazy. Six of Swords tells us to take ownership of our own emotional state. When we go from, “You are driving me crazy,” to “I feel crazy when you do ______,” we begin to build a foundation where communication can happen and change can take place. If we don’t like how something is going down, we can problem solve rather than blame someone else for our emotional upset. This is a powerful skill that Six of Swords reminds us that we have. We are the captains of our emotional ship. This week, it is important that we are mindful of that.

What Should We Embrace: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands is about moving in a way that feels good to you. Sometimes the pace of the people around us can be fast, especially in our society where productivity and grind culture are major focuses for a lot of people. Knight of Wands asks us to be aware of what pace feels good to us and move at that pace. Stop worrying about the way everyone around us moves.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel what pace will work best for us. We are so busy seeing the paths that other people are on and we think that we should be doing what they do as fast as they seem to be doing it. We push ourselves into burnout because we are trying to go someone else’s pace instead of our own.

In order to find our own pace, it is important that we drop in and feel what works best for us. We keep in touch with our inner emotional realm and take care of our nervous system. And then we move, we flow, we dance, we do in ways that feel the best to us.

What We Should Let Go Of: Death

We need to let go of old ways of doing things. The cards in this spread ask us to change how we are dealing with the energies that we are going through at this time. COVID has change a lot about the way the world works, the way business works, and we have to take care of ourselves. We have to remember that the economic system that we are living in right now does not put our needs first, and the staffing shortages, sickness, separation, and other factors brought about by COVID, the political climate, systemic inequality, and other factors require us to rethink how we are living and working in the world. No one else is going to put our needs first, except maybe our families. It is so important that we take care of ourselves during this time, and the death card is here to tell us that the way that we used to do things needs to go. We need to take care of ourselves, guard our nervous systems, take charge of our emotional health, and move in ways that benefit us, not the capitalist system that has burnt us out.

Good luck in the coming week! Let me know in the comments section how it goes!

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full moon ritual candle

I am so late on this one. Technically the full moon in Capricorn was yesterday, but I was not able to put together anything about it until today. But hey, so much has happened that I have not blogged about at all (crazy work hours) that I kind of count getting anything out there a win!

I love talking about the moon cycle because it is so helpful when it comes to manifesting things out into the world. I am not working with many phases yet beyond the full moon and the new moon, but I know that as I work on divesting myself from the crazy system that I am a part of now and get to a place where I can honor these cycles better, I will be working with more phases than just those two. Checking in at the new moon to see where I want to focus my intention when it comes to my goals, seeing how the sign that the moon is in plays a part in that – that has actually been huge for my manifestation process this past year. Then following up on that intention with the full moon phase and seeing what needs to be let go of in order to make it to the end of the manifestation cycle, using the sign of the moon as a guide once again – really helpful for the process. A lot of times we have a goal in mind and we are working toward it but we don’t stop to think about whether or not we are doing something that might be hurting our chances of getting to the finish line. Reflecting back on that goal during the full moon phase and figuring out what is working and what is not is a great tool to help you meet your goals.

So what about the Capricorn part?

So we know we should be reflecting on our goals during this full moon, but what about the Capricorn part? How does that help us to reach our goals?

Capricorn energy has several aspects to it that can help with refining your goals and your pathway to realizing them. First is integrity: being true to your own nature and making sure that your public identity matches that nature. Basically, it means being true to yourself. Are you doing that through your process of meeting your goals? I know that sometimes I have a hard time hearing other people’s suggestions for what they are – just suggestions. I take them very much to heart and sometimes that makes me veer off of my path and into another lane. It can take me weeks to get myself back on track when that happens. Capricorn energy helps me realize that I have to stay true to myself with what I am doing.

The second part of Capricorn energy that helps us to meet our goals is not worrying about the approval of others. That concept is practically married to what I mentioned above, because sometimes if I ponder a suggestion from someone, I might try to implement it in order to gain their approval even though it does not fit with what I am trying to achieve. If we are worried about what others think about us we will be tossed around in the wind of other people’s suggestions and opinions. That is not a very comfortable place to be! A better idea is to consider the suggestion and the check in to see if implementing the idea would be in alignment with your highest and best – something that I am getting better about doing! If it is, then you should implement it. If it is not, then don’t feel guilty about not doing anything with the suggestion. It just doesn’t fit with what you are trying to accomplish.

A Tarot Spread for Full Moon in Capricorn

I love using tarot as a method to check in with myself or to bring something to light that I am not realizing is going on in my subconscious. Here are some spread questions to help you reflect on Capricorn energy during this full moon:

  1. What am I being invited to pay attention to during this full moon?
  2. What do I need to do in order to stay true to my nature and my path forward?
  3. What can I do to maximize my self-approval?
  4. What should I do to let go of depending on the approval of others?
  5. What is this full moon here to teach me?

Let me know how this spread has helped you as you move forward with your goals!

Becoming of One Mind Tarot Spread

Recently I had a situation where there were two paths in front of me. Each one looked like a good path. Each one had its pros and cons. I have spent a lot of time dipping my foot into each path. But I understood that I could not keep doing that forever. I had to choose a way forward or I would endure consequences of not being able to make up my mind.

We have all been there. Indecision can drive you crazy. I know it was doing that to me. Before I went too crazy, though, I was able to pull out my deck and come up with this spread that helped me more than I can possibly explain to you. So I decided to share it here so that it could help someone else if they were having issues with indecision.

Also, this is the first time I have used my tablet to draw a spread layout. Please be gentle with your judgements!

The Spread

Spread Layout for Becoming of One Mind Spread

Sometimes it is hard to hear what your heart wants when your mind is going a mile a minute. This spread can help cut through the noise and put you on the path of what you really want.

Let me know in the comments how this spread has helped you!