Two of Wands: Mars in Aries

Astrology dice showing the glyphs for Mars and Aries

I have been extremely interested in the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences to the Tarot cards ever since I heard that such a thing existed. As I have done some research into the correspondences, I have found that they add depth to the card meanings for me. This astrological year I am hoping to cover those card meanings, but there are a lot of cards, so let’s see how I do. Each card corresponds to a certain planet in a certain sign. In a later post I will outline how these signs and planets are assigned. I just learned that myself, and I have found it fascinating.

Since the sun is in the sign of Aries at the moment it seems like a good time to cover the cards that correspond to Aries, which are the Two, Three, and Four of Wands. Today I am going to write about the Two of Wands.

Two of Wands from the Smith-Rider-Waite deck

The Two of Wands can sometimes be hard to interpret, especially since the Two of Wands looks pretty similar to the Three of Wands. The Smith-Rider-Waite Tarot shows a figure who is standing on what might be a balcony. He is holding a globe and one of the wands, looking out over the land to some water.

Two of Wands from the This Might Hurt Tarot Deck. By Isabella Rotman

In the This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman, there is a woman sitting on the hood of a car. The car sits in front of a body of water and the woman is looking intently at a map.

Diving In

In order to talk about the Two of Wands, we first need to step back and talk about the Ace of Wands. Wands energy is all about movement, passion, and our creativity on fire. The Ace comes to us as an invitation to step into our creative fire. It could be a passion project calling to us. It could be that we have had this great idea for so long and we just need the fire and the motivation to step out into our power and work toward that goal. So the Ace asks us to look within and find that power and that motivation to move forward.

But then we come to Two of Wands, and we have to find a way to channel this fiery energy. There is a reason why the glyph for Mars is an arrow pointing up. It takes the energy of fiery Aries and channels it in a certain direction.

And the twos in the Tarot are an invitation for us to pause. All of the twos ask us to pause in some way. The Two of Wands is asking us to pause in this energy, this invitation to do and be and create, and to come up with a plan for what that is going to look like. We think and talk about Mars being the warrior planet, but if the warrior goes to war without a plan, he is going to lose the war. So the best way to channel the fiery Aries energy is to plan where to concentrate it.

So the Two of Wands is this pause in between touching in with our passion and actually doing something with it. It is a space of planning, setting goals, and basically mapping out how you are going to move forward with all of the wonderful creative energy that you have.

So how is the Two of Wands showing up in your life? Let me know in the comments.

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