Entering Aries Season

Aries the Ram

Today marks the first day of spring, and the first day of Aries season. All around us there are new signs of life everywhere. The green of the earth is returning with new leaves on the trees and the grass turning from brown to green. New life is everywhere as baby birds hatch and other animal babies are born. I used to live in an apartment that had a pond behind it, and every spring the ducks that lived near that pond would have little baby ducklings. We used to wait with baited breath for the sight of those cute little ducklings taking their first swims in the pond with their parents. That time was always a celebration of spring.

Aries, The Spark of Creation

The Spark of Creation, handed down by Spirit, God(dess), the Universe

Aries is a cardinal sign. Cardinal zodiac signs are the signs that lead off the season, so Aries is the first sign of the spring season. It is also the first sign of the zodiacal wheel, the beginning of a new zodiacal year. Before Aries arrives, we have spent several months bare trees and brown all around us. Everything in nature is sleeping for the winter. Aries is a call to action. The weather becomes warmer and the trees begin to flower and become green with leaves. The grass becomes greener, too, as the amount of sunlight that the earth is experiencing increases. Aries is that first spark that ushers in the life force as living beings all around us engage the will to exist. It is not much different than when a baby is born and takes its first breath. The baby experiences that will to be alive and exist here on this earth, and the breath is taken as a statement of that will. That will to live and the action taken to achieve it are all part of Aries energy.

Aries, the Warrior

Aries the Warrior

Aries comes to us as a teacher, as do all astrological signs. Aries teaches us how to have the courage to begin something that may be frightening to us. Aries loves adventure, and in order to be an adventurer you must have courage. Sometimes having the courage means going ahead and taking the step even if it scares you to death. When we face something that we are scared of doing and begin the process of doing it, a lot of times the courage grows within us because we began. Aries, as a warrior, faces difficult challenges head-on. I recently read in the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks that if you take the time to acknowledge your fear and sit with it for a moment, then it can turn into excitement and even exhiliration as you channel that fear and use the energy from it to propel you forward.

The brain likes to invite us into fear a lot when we are thinking about doing something new, something that we are not used to doing. The brain’s job is to keep us safe, and the brain knows that there is no where safer than where we are right now. So when we try to do something new, the brain will scream and throw a fit, coming up with a million scary scenarios to keep us where we are. The key to getting beyond this fear is to acknowledge the screaming brain, thank it for its warnings, and let it know that the situation is safe. It can even help to have a conversation with the brain about the likelihood of the scary scenarios happening. This can help you move beyond the fear and reach your goals.

Aries: I AM

Aries tells us that we belong. We are essential beings on this planet. We have a right to take up space. We will touch on this more in the upcoming Emperor Tarot Deep Dive, but it doesn’t matter the structures that are in place or what society tells us about the way that we should take up space. The person that we are in this moment in time is essential and belongs, and can take up space in the way that we show up. It is hard to do that sometimes when society screams at you about how you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to act. We feel like we need to do all of these things to change ourselves in order to exist. But Aries tells us that we are here. We exist. It is okay to exist how we are.

So how is Aries showing up for you today? What messages are you getting from the energy of this time? I personally have been able to feel the activeness of Aries, more than I have in the last couple of years. Maybe the oppressing energy of COVID is finally starting to subside, giving way to more movement and action. I would love to know in the comments if you are feeling that too.

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