Contemplating the Upcoming Spring Equinox

First crocuses in snow

It is barely the beginning of March and I am already feeling the energy of anticipation, the stirring of new life as Mother Earth energy begins awakening from it’s winter slumber. The anticipation has been building since Imbolc as the days continue to grow increasingly longer and longer. I’ve begun my yearly habit of watching the tree branches in earnest, looking for the signs of tiny buds coming forth that will eventually turn into the bright green leaves and flowers of spring.

The Spring Equinox is an important time for me, as it marks the beginning of the zodiacal new year, when the sun makes its way back into the sign of Aries. This New Year has resonated with me more than any other, perhaps because of all of the signs of new life that are bursting forth around us when the sun reaches this point. For me it is a time of hope and renewal, a time to think about what I will build and create during this time when the earth is also building and creating all around us. It is an intensely amazing process to watch, the trees bringing forth buds that then, after a period of watching and waiting, burst forth with bright greenery or delicate flowers. It is the symphony of Mother Earth, her own creation that she has been pondering throughout the long winter hybernation.

Spring Equinox and Aries

The cardinal fire sign of Aries the Ram

As I write this post, the sun is moving through Pisces. For me, this has brought a lot of that dreamy Pisces energy – dreaming about my path forward, the direction of this blog, what I want to focus on through the coming cycle, and how I am going to get there. The possibilities seem endless as one cycle ends and another begins. Pisces is mutable water energy, swirling and changing. Things can seem so unstable and in flux. The path forward can seem so clear one moment and so unclear the next. For me, this has been a time of getting back in touch with my practice and defining a path forward, which is also Piscean energy.

Aries is much different. Aries energy is about movement and action. It is about taking all of the dreams of Pisces season and acting on them. It is the spark of creation, of awareness, of action. The dreams and plans take on their first spark of reality as you move toward your goals.

It is easy to see this energy in nature. One minute, it seems like the energy of the earth is still well within the earth. In the next minute, flowers and new leaves seem to be on all of the trees and all over the earth. I just saw irises, one of my favorite flowers, bloom this week in front of the child care center that I work at. And then not long after, the tree across the street also bloomed. Trees in the courtyard behind my apartment are showing the first hint of baby green leaves. Last week, none of this was present or even thought about. But this week the fire of Aries energy has been abundant and present everywhere.

Spring Equinox and Persephone

Persephone with her pomegranate from Hades

I have been working with Persephone for a few years now, and the Spring Equinox is the time when she comes up from the Underworld and resumes her maiden form as Kore, returning to her mother Demeter until the Autumn Equinox. She beautifully personifies the way that the energies shift from above the earth in the spring to below the earth in the autumn and helps to bring me back into alignment with the cycles of the earth.

Spring Equinox and Ritual

With the weather turning warmer, it is a great time to open the windows and air out the house that has been closed off from the cold weather. It is also a time to dust off the cobwebs that may have accumulated during this time. With our modern climate control, it is hard for us to imagine how people lived through the winter before climate control became widespread, but I imagine that there was care to not open the doors and windows in order to keep the heat from the fire in the house. With everyone shut in the house away from the cold, cleaning the house once the warm weather arrived was a necessity. I feel that there is no better ritual to honor the changing from winter to spring than a good spring cleaning, with lots of herbs and smudging to help clear out stagnant energy.

My Floor Wash Recipe:
For every one gallon of water,
1/4 to 1/2 cup white vinegar
2 tbsp. Florida water
10-20 drops lemon essential oil
5-10 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients together and use to clear away dirt and stagnant energy as you mop the floor. Mop from the inside of the house towards the door to allow the energies to escape out the door.

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