Full Moon in Aquarius

It is interesting, us entering into Leo season at the same time that we experience a full moon in the sign opposite to Leo. I know that the way the moon cycles go, we will almost always have a full moon in the opposite sign of the season we are in. But this time it is occurring on the same day, and that just struck me as interesting. Typically signs that oppose each other also hold somewhat opposing energies. We can learn a lot about one sign simply by looking at the sign that it opposes.

Aquarius is all about the expression of the self. Aquarius wants to know the honest, uncompromising truth about itself and wants to live that out. While Leo’s skill is bringing inner processes into outer manifestation, Aquarius is the process that discovers what should be brought forth. Aquarius holds itself under a microscope in order to figure out who it truly is apart from society, apart from culture, apart from anything that attempts to define it or put it in a box. Leo, on the other hand, attempts to find and express itself within that culture and society, because that culture and society gives it the feedback that it needs to keep moving forward.

Aquarius does not need feedback. The feedback will only throw Aquarius off course because the feedback is the voice of society. It is not that Aquarius doesn’t appreciate the voice of society, but that voice can lead Aquarius away from the ultimate truths that it seeks. Aquarius is good at looking behind the noise, behind the narratives, to get straight to the truth of the matter.

Letting Go – Journal Prompts

The full moon is a time of letting go of things that aren’t meant to come with you through the remainder of this moon cycle. During this time we can ask ourselves:

  • In what ways are we listening to the voices around us instead of following our own truths?
  • How can we cut through the noise around us to connect with our inner truth?
  • What can you do to express yourself? How do you want to, regardless of what other people might think?

Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Spread

This spread is intended to help you through the energy of this full moon.

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