Entering Leo Season

We have been on a sort of journey through this zodiacal year. We have witnessed birth when Aries season came in, seen nature grow and take hold with Taurus. Gemini season brought about the exchange of information through the release of pollen into the air, as well as the mating signals of the animals. Cancer brought the sunlight and the rains that the plants and animals need to survive and thrive by taking them inside. Now we are arriving at Leo season, where nature is full of outward expression brought about with the help of the rains and sun of Cancer. Nature shows us this through putting forth flowers, fruits, vegetables.

Most of the time we think of Leo as loving to be in the spotlight and being the center of attention. But Leo energy is slightly more subtle than that. Leo takes all of the inner growth that took place in Cancer season and brings it to outer manifestation. So Leo is very much about taking what is brewing on the inside and bringing it out where everyone can see it and enjoy it, much the same as nature does during Leo season. And while for some people this may come more naturally than for others, everyone can do this – everyone has some expression of Leo in their lives. Our thoughts and ideas don’t just exist in a vacuum; we speak them, write them, draw them, cook them, play them – we are creators at our core and our ideas come out into the world. Everything on earth that has been created once started out as a potentiality (Aries), then an idea (Taurus), then a plan or communication to others (Gemini), then a gathering and building of resources (Cancer, and then the beginning of outward manifestation (Leo). It is all part of the creative process.

Tarot Card of Leo: Strength VIII

Strength card from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

The imagery on the Strength card shows a woman sitting with a lion. Both the woman and the lion are comfortable; neither one is scared to be with the other. In fact, they both look to be very comfortable with the other. The woman, the archetype, also has an infinity loop over her head.

So we have already said that Leo energy involves bringing inner processes into outward manifestation. Anyone who is or aspires to be a creator knows how daunting that can be, to reach into the depths of yourself, create something out of what you find there, and then bring yourself to that point of vulnerability where you offer your creation to the world. It’s daunting because of those “what ifs” that rear their heads when you offer something to the world: what if no one likes it, what if people hate it, what if its not good enough, and on and on. The Strength card is about making yourself that vulnerable, that you can approach that lion that represents those fears, and approach it undefended, in complete vulnerability. Could you imagine if the woman in the card went to the lion with any kind of defense? I doubt we would be seeing this picture if that were the case. The energy would be different because there would not be that level of trust there, and the level of comfort that the card shows would be unattainable. Just as, if we are unable to make ourselves that vulnerable, our creations would never make it into the world.

We don’t just have to approach our creation with vulnerability, though. We also have to approach the process of going within, completing those inner processes, with vulnerability as well. If we don’t, if we show up to ourselves and our work defended, on the defensive, we will never fully open up to who we really are and our creations will reflect that. We won’t fully know ourselves or be fully comfortable with ourselves, and it is hard to create from that place of authenticity. In order to be authentically us, we have to open up and be vulnerable, be honest with ourselves about our inner work.

This takes courage, to be able to look at ourselves, look at our shit, and do it in a way where we are undefended, not closing ourselves off to what we see or the lessons we could learn from it. It also takes courage to be vulnerable enough to put pieces of ourselves out there for the whole world to see. It takes courage to face and approach the lion undefended. But as we see in the card imagery, the lion is not necessarily as scary as we once believed.

The infinite symbol in this card is special, as only three cards in the deck have this symbol. I believe that this symbol means that there is more at work here than simply what I have already said. Lions and humans don’t simply sit together, no matter how open and vulnerable you make yourself. There is another power at work here as well. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work at this. We do have to show up and we do have to be willing to be vulnerable. But that Higher Power, Spirit, the Universe – whatever you want to call it – shows up when we allow ourselves to be this vulnerable and open, and helps us bring that forth into outer manifestation. That is the power of this card.

Tarot Spread for Leo Season

This spread is designed to help guide you through the energy of Leo season.

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