New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Cancer, and I have been pondering the energetics of this new moon for a few days now. I’ve been looking at Cancer a bit closely since it is Cancer season, and I have been preparing a Tarot Deep Dive into The Chariot.

The most popular way to think about Cancer energy is to think about an emotional energy; Cancer is most equated with emotions and an emotional nature. I feel that this is lazy astrology work however, because there is a lot more to Cancer than this. Cancer is a nurturing energy, since it is related to the still waters of the earth and the nurturing and protecting waters of the body such as breast milk and the water sac that protects the heart. Water feeds life on this earth and allows living things on this earth to grow and survive, so it is vitally important. And while the water element does equate to emotions in the Tarot, it can also equate to nurturing.

The sign for Cancer is the crab, and the most prominent feature of the crab is its protective shell. Cancer is also about protecting ourselves from overwhelm or hurt from forces and energies outside of us. But on the flip side of that, if we spend all of our time protecting ourselves we run the risk of growing afraid to make ourselves vulnerable. When we come out of our shell and make ourselves vulnerable growth happens, we meet new people, we build connections. While being in our shell keeps us safe, it does not allow room for much growth. We will explore this more in the upcoming Tarot Deep Dive for The Chariot.

New Moon energy has to do with new beginnings, the beginning of a new cycle. Sometimes just starting a new thing can make us feel vulnerable. We can put off starting anything because we are afraid of failure. But if we don’t start anything, we don’t accomplish anything. We don’t expand and grow because we stay contracted and protected in the shell of our own making. The New Moon in Cancer can invite us to come out of our shell and start something new.

But perhaps you are overwhelmed right now. This last year and a half has been overwhelming for a lot of people, myself included. You feel like you have been vulnerable enough during these times and keep getting hurt by the news, the economy, the lock downs, and everything else that COVID has brought to us. For you, the New Moon in Cancer might be inviting you to slow down and nurture yourself during this time. Take a break from the news. Turn off your social media for a bit. Slow down and relax, connecting to yourself and your emotional state at this time. Tend to the trauma that COVID brought. Rest.

Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Cancer

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