Tarot Card of Taurus: The Hierophant

It is amazing to me that I have not yet talked about the Hierophant card this year, and this year is halfway over. The Hierophant, or High Priest in some decks, is numbered five in the Major Arcana, and 2021 is a five year (since 2+0+2+1=5). After the crazy that was 2020, it is nice to come into Taurus energy this year, depending on how the energy shows up for you.

The Hierophant is typically the person who says that they have all of the answers. They are a teacher. This card can be somewhat triggering for people who grew up in organized religion but have left it on bad terms. The imagery can bring to mind a priest of pastor of a church, the one person who had access to the wisdom and teaching of God. That person had influence over a lot of people, and could exert that influence in any way they wanted to, even into political matters, especially if they were influence by a king or another political figure. Some people have lost faith in organized religion because of the amount of influence a single figurehead holds. Other parts of the imagery suggest balance, as the Hierophant has one hand raised and one hand lowered, suggesting that he is the channel between the upper world and the lower world. His raised hand also has two fingers raised and two fingers lowered, a sign for the phrase “as above, so below.”

The Hierophant does not necessarily have to be a religious figurehead though. We have come to a place and time where knowledge is very specialized. The Hierophant could be someone that you seek out for answers to a problem or knowledge that you need. They teach us what we need to know in order to move forward. So Hierophant is not necessarily a bad thing. We all need teachers in order to learn what we need to learn so that we can be successful. Sometimes, though, we can become to reliant on those teachers. We can lean on them too much. We become convinced that they are the only ones that have the answers. We give away our power to this person.

What we have to realize is that once we learn what we need from the Hierophant, we have to take it back and integrate it within ourselves. According to the teachings I have been following based on Druidry, this can be likened to the roles of the masculine and the feminine within us. The masculine is the hunter that seeks out the information – hunts it down. The feminine takes the information, prepares it, throws it into her cauldron, and brings out something completely new. This is symbolized on the Hierophant card by the two keys on the bottom of the card, one gold key with sun imagery for the masculine side and one silver key with moon imagery for the feminine side. How many of us are only using that masculine side, hunting information, buying books, watching videos, seeking answers, but we never actually process that information and integrate it so that we can move forward in our journey? I know that 2019 and 2020 were years when I sought out and purchased many online courses, yet I rarely finished any of the courses that I bought. 2021 has been a time for me to go back and be present within the course spaces that I have already purchased and integrate those teachings into my practice. It has been a time for me to turn off the masculine hunter and turn on the feminine integrator. It has been a time for me to enrich my inner Hierophant with the information that I sought out because we need to use both keys in order to truly move forward on our path. Find the information and then do the work to integrate it.

So how does this card connect to Taurus? Just as the Hierophant is the teacher that connects us back to ourselves, so Taurus connects back to our ultimate teacher, Mother Earth. Once we connect with Mother Earth, we are connected to our sacred soul, which is our Hierophant. This card reminds us that our ultimate teacher is within us and all around us, if we would only slow down and listen. We take our Taurus lessons to heart with this card and remember that with silence comes simplicity. After the yang energy of Aries, the outward moving spark that uses so much energy to light ourselves up and claim our space in the world, it is a welcome break to sit in silent communion with the earth and contemplate the lessons that it shares. We use it to identify our masculine and feminine sides and how they play out in our lives. And we realize that we are truly our own Hierophant after all.

Practice with Hierophant

Take the Hierophant/High Priest card out of your deck and meditate on the imagery present on the card. If you have more than one deck, compare Hierophant for added insights. Ask yourself these questions:

  • In what ways has masculine Hierophant energy been showing up for you?
  • In what ways has feminine Hierophant energy been showing up for you?
  • Have you been relying to heavily on outer sources of wisdom and neglecting the sources that are within you?
  • How can you cultivate silence and simplicity in your life in order to heed the lessons that life truly wants you to know?

Let me know about your Hierophant experiences in the comments below. I look forward to hearing about them!

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