New Blog Feature: Tarot Deep Dive

It has been a really long time since I have done a blog entry. My day job has been super crazy, which has sapped all of my energy. On top of that, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go with the block this year and it was taking me way too long to figure it out. Then I realized that if I use my witchy tools to help manage my day job stress, then I will be furthering my practice and will naturally find my direction. And that is exactly what happened!

Lately I have been interested in the correlation between Tarot and Astrology. I know from my very limited experience with the Thoth deck that Tarot cards correspond with certain planet-sign combinations, or to element combinations in the case of the court cards. I did not experience a very deep connection to the Thoth deck so I didn’t explore that idea much until recently. I have never connected much to the traditional card interpretations because they seem superficial and generic to me. I know that there are some Tarot card readers out there who give fantastic readings with depth using the traditional card meanings, and I am not trying to say that those people are doing anything wrong or take away from the work that they are doing in any way. I am simply saying that those interpretations do not resonate with me. Then last year I took the Tarot for the Wild Soul course from Lindsay Mack. That was probably the best thing I have done for my Tarot practice thus far because it gave me direction and realigned my thinking about how the Tarot works and what it should be used for. I have a much deeper relationship with my deck and with Tarot in general because of that course. But still, some of the card meanings Lindsay gave in the course did not resonate with me.

During the last half of 2020 I developed an increasing interest in astrology and I began applying what I had been learning to come up with my own card interpretations. In some cases these card interpretations have been similar to those I have already learned from other people. In other cases they are in no way similar but they resonate more deeply with me than other interpretations, mostly because they are the product of my own intuitive interpretation of astrological combinations based on what I have learned about astrology.

My goal is to provide some of these interpretations on this blog, along with the astrological or elemental reasoning behind the interpretation. I’m hoping that this will help deepen both my Tarot practice and my astrology practice, and provide some insight for others who might be starting their own journeys with Tarot or astrology.

See you soon with the first deep dive!

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