The Blue Moon of Halloween Night – Full Moon in Taurus

The almost full moon traveling through Aries with Mars

October 31st is going to be a busy night for me and most witches as rituals are prepared not just for Halloween night, but also for the Blue Moon that is going to grace the skies tonight.

The new moon in Libra that we had earlier this month asked us to take a look at our energy, how it is balanced, and how our energy usage is affecting our relationship with ourselves. With the full moon in Taurus, we are being asked to revisit these questions and let go of anything that is no longer serving us in these goals. Taurus may be able to give us a clue as to how to do that.

Taurus asks us to reconnect with our Mother Earth. By the astrological calendar, Taurus season is in the middle of spring, when the earth is being reborn after a winter of internal workings, during which the life of the earth is not visible to the people that are on the earth. Currently we are in Scorpio season, where we witness the beginning of the process of the earth turning inward. Taurus energy reminds us that life on earth is full of cycles, and that we should pause and connect with those cycles.

The Linear Nature of Modern Life on Earth

Due to the incredibly busy nature of our lives, we are living life in a very linear fashion. Our clocks tell us what time to be at work or school every day, with every day filled with the same routines over and over again. Our lives look similar from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year. In some cases people are unable to honor the cycle of the day due to their work schedule (although some people prefer being awake during the night when others are asleep).

When our lives look the same from day to day we run the risk of becoming disconnected from our true nature. This is exacerbated by living in a capitalistic society where the drive for profitability and the fear of losing income means that we have to override our own inner cycles to follow directions from a boss who does not care about those cycles. Our nature as beings of this earth is to live in tune with the cycles of the earth. Taurus energy calls on us to pause and pay attention to the cycles of life around us: the cycles of the day, the cycles of the seasons, and even the lunar cycles.

Paying attention to all of these cycles can be overwhelming, especially when trying to connect with them on top of an already stressful linear life. My advice is to pick one cycle to focus on and try to find ways to incorporate the energies of that cycle into your life. The easiest to incorporate may be the cycle of the seasons, and since this Taurus full moon asks us to pause and reflect on the flow of life on earth turning inward during the fall season, now is a good time to start observing and meditating on this cycle.

The Blue Moon – Second Full Moon of October

This full moon is special in that it is the second full moon of October and therefore is classified as a blue moon. This amplifies the full moon energy that asks us to examine what we need to let go of in order to reach our goals. This is potent magick to work with to empower yourself, What are you going to carry forward with you as you continue through this cycle, and what needs to be left behind?

Liminal Spaces and the Thinning of the Veil

Blue moons also signify a time where the veil between the worlds is thin. This blue moon falls on Halloween, the day before Samhain, when the veil is already incredibly thin. This means that this full moon is an incredibly powerful time for ancestor work or working with spirit guides.

Candle Magick for Full Moon Rituals

Candle magic has quickly become my go-to method for rituals and spells. I have found that making my own candles allows me to infuse them with power and intention, and adding specific herbs and stones to them helps to magnify that intention even further. As the energy from the flame carries the intention out to the universe, I know that my petition has been heard, and results seem to happen fairly quickly.

Full Moon Ritual Candle by Wyndsong Magical Arts

I make a full moon ritual candle that I light to help me meditate and become clear on what I need to release for the rest of the moon cycle. Sometimes I will add other candles depending on what I am trying to manifest. The candle usually includes the herbs blue vervain, motherwort, mullein, and jasmine; and the stones moonstone and bloodstone. All of these work to magnify the intention of the candle and are helpful for releasing and accepting that these things need to be released.

Focus on your intention and let the flame carry it out into the universe.