Mars, Co-Ruler of Scorpio

Recently I started taking nightly walks with my dog, something we haven’t done in several months. I love being outside when the sky is dark, and my dog will take any opportunity she can to get a walk with me, so it works out well for both of us. One day this past week I was looking at the starts as we walked and noticed one that was a slightly different shade than the rest, with a slightly reddish hue. When I pulled up my astrology chart app, I realized that the star was Mars.

When I was eight or nine years old I was fascinated by space. I obsessively studied each planet. I dreamed about being an astronaut. Despite the obsession I held as a child, the experience I had this week was my first time locating a planet in the sky. Perhaps as a child I was intimidated by the thousands of stars that can be seen in the sky in rural Kansas where I grew up. Whatever held me back as a child, this week I felt a connection to that space-obsessed kid as I gazed at the reddish light in the sky.

As a society, we have been somewhat obsessed with Mars. We question whether there is life on Mars and if Mars was ever inhabitable as a planet. The probes and rovers that have visited Mars recently have given us more information about Mars than we have ever had before.

Back before we had all of this information about Mars, astrologers were mostly fascinated by the planet’s red color. They associated the red color with blood and named the planet after the Roman god of war. For thousands of years astrologers have associated Mars with the warrior – hot, fiery, prone to quick anger, and having a personality that focuses on vengeance when wronged.

While in some cases this assessment is not wrong, in recent years most astrologers have worked to refine the meaning and make it more accessible to every person, since not every person exhibits a quick, hot temper and wants to go to war with every person that has wronged them. Now the meaning is more related to the ability to motivate oneself and take action, as well as having a focused passion in a specific area of one’s life. This definition seems to fit better with warrior energy rather than with the warrior himself, and is more relatable to a larger population. It is interesting to me that this subtle clarification in meaning has come about at nearly the same time as when we are clarifying what we know about the physical planet.

Where is Mars in your chart? In what areas of your life are you extremely passionate? Let me know in the comments. And if you need help finding Mars in your chart, let me know that as well! I can probably help.