Entering Scorpio Season

Today marks the end of Libra season and the beginning of Scorpio season. When I was doing a bit of research for this post, I did an internet search for Scorpio season. Each article I ran across talked about the traditional things related to Scorpios: sinister, dark, sexy, intensity. I even ran across talk of the evil nature of Scorpio.

As a Scorpio rising, I feel that it is important to understand why these words are associated with Scorpio, especially since I just learned about my Scorpio rising in the last year and have tried to see how this energy shows up in my life. I recently started studying astrology through the books and courses offered by Steven Forrest, and I have found his explanations of the signs, planets, and houses to be much more in-depth and relatable than the pop astrology that I came across when Googling about Scorpio season. I have also worked to add what I have learned about nature and the earth during my herbal studies. All of this together leads to a well-rounded picture of Scorpio that is more than just the catch phrases and generalizations that rule most talk about astrology.

The first thing to note about Scorpio season is the time of year in which it falls. While the beginning of Virgo season also marks the beginning of fall, where I live the air is still summery and it takes several weeks before the temperature drops and the outward signs of fall show themselves. Now there are leaves falling off of the trees, and the peak fall colors have happened in the mountains – but not quite yet where I live. This week, in fact, the temperatures have been quite summery – summer’s last gasp, I like to say. But the signs of fall are there. While the temperatures have been warmer, the wind is blowing more and the leaves are falling off of the trees. While we haven’t hit peak fall colors where I live, the colors of the leaves are still changing. Life is beginning to shift from big, outward expressions to moving inward, down into the earth. We know from being on this earth for years that the plants are not dying, but someone who had never seen the fall phenomenon before would not be so sure. Scorpio season is the dying time.

This is one of the reasons why Scorpio has a reputation as a sign obsessed with death. Scorpio contemplates death and its own mortality. But it isn’t because Scorpio is obsessed with death, or because Scorpio is inherently evil. Being a water sign, Scorpio experiences the emotional realm very deeply just like other water signs. The difference with Scorpio is that they need to feel emotions so totally that they live by them. Scorpio lives in alignment between feeling and action; if Scorpio feels strongly enough, they will take action. And what better motivator to act than the realization that we are mortal beings that will all die someday. In contemplating their own death, Scorpio is motivated to live life to the fullest and participate in experiences that bring up the strong emotions that Scorpio needs to feel to be alive.

Another pop Scorpio trait is that they are sexy, or that they love sex, or even that they are incredibly kinky. But few experiences in life being up emotions as strongly as sex does, especially sexual experiences that are out of the norm, such as BDSM. For Scorpio, sex is a way to connect with their emotions on an intensely deep level.

I also read during my research that Scorpios are considered very secretive. Perhaps some of them are, but looking at it from a deeper level reveals that Scorpios are very introspective people. They pull back the veil on their mind’s inner workings and seek to understand every nuance of their own thinking. They also do the same to the people around them , working to understand their actions and motivations. To understand the emotions that drive themselves and the people around them.

So pop astrology has Scorpio about a quarter of the way figured out. If you rely simply on the descriptions that pop astrology offers, I’m afraid you will never truly understand a Scorpio. I didn’t really identify that much with my own Scorpio energy until I began understanding Scorpio on a deeper level. Now I can definitively say that I understand that part of my personality better and can work with it on a deeper level because I took the time to move beyond the surface definitions of this sign.

Everyone has Scorpio in their chart. How does Scorpio energy manifest in your life? I’d love to hear in the comments below.