Tarot Spread for the Week of 10/18/20

We are halfway through the month of October already, and where I live fall has shown up. The temperatures are down in the 60s (Fahrenheit) and fall is definitely in the air. Last week I took a day off from my day job to celebrate the new moon in Libra and flex my creative muscles. I made a “Balance” candle in honor of the new moon, and began working on creating candles from molds, something I haven’t done too much of but I’m experimenting with as I feel my way forward with this new venture.

Here is the tarot spread for this week:

What are we being invited to pay attention to? Nine of Swords from The Witch’s Tarot by Ellen Dugan

1. What are we being invited to pay attention to in the week ahead?

Nine of Swords: Pay attention to the stories your brain is telling you this week. Apparently, our brains are on overdrive trying to keep us safe, because I pulled this card last week as well. Your brain likes to be a drama queen and blow everything out of proportion. Sit with the feelings that your brain is bringing up. What is the truth there? What is actually happening behind the drama? The brain’s job is to keep us safe, so it likes to tell us stories that keep us small. What is the best way to align with your truth? What is your brain so afraid of? Perhaps sitting with that and journaling about it will help the brain move past these fears.

What card can we call upon for motivation? Two of Cups from The Witch’s Tarot

2. What card can we call upon for motivation to meet our goals in the week ahead?

Two of Cups asks us to connect deeply with ourselves and our desires this week. Look at the parts of yourself that make it hard to achieve your goals: that part of yourself that procrastinates, or that part of yourself that is in chronic pain so you have to pace yourself more than you would like. Look at your struggle with these parts of yourself and honor it. You might not like it. You might get super frustrated at those parts of yourself on this journey. But they are there and they are a part of you. How can you work with these parts of yourself so that you don’t feel like you are fighting yourself to get anything done? Why does the part of yourself that procrastinates exist? What purpose is it trying to serve? What lesson is it trying to teach you? How can you align that part of yourself with your heart?

What are we being invited to let go of? Knight of Cups

3. What are we being invited to let go of as we move through the week?

Knight of cups tells us to stop trying to do all of the things. Let go of trying to be everything to everybody. This card asks us to move through our world in a way that is balanced, that is focused on doing what we can do in the present moment. It is also asking us to connect with our feelings about what is going on in our day, to be present with ourselves each day this week, instead of moving through our day as a machine does, just trying to do as much as possible. Allow yourself to feel.

Archetype card of the week from The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck by Kim Krans

The archetype that we are working with this week is The Dead End. This card tells us that there is something in our lives that is ending. It might be a relationship, a job, or something else. This card reminds us that every ending means a new beginning, so while the end might be rough and emotional, we can appreciate that there is a new beginning coming to us as well. Embrace the things that are happening this week that can help you move toward the door that is opening for you.

I hope you have a great week!