New Moon in Libra

Tomorrow we celebrate the new moon in Libra. We have been in Libra season since the middle of September, and some of you may have noticed the energies of this time permeating your life. Libra season is a time of balance. We see this in how the day that marks the beginning of Libra season is also the fall equinox (for those living in the northern hemisphere; spring equinox for those living in the Southern Hemisphere), when the amount of daylight is equal to the amount of nighttime that we experience. Sometimes when we think of balance, we might think of Lady Justice balancing her scales. Justice is a big theme during Libra season as well.

The New Moon asks us to think about where we have been through our journey of the last moon cycle. We started a new cycle with the last new moon, let go of things that did not serve us during the full moon, and now we are back at the beginning of a new cycle. This new moon asks us to take stock of where we are and come up with new goals and intentions for this new cycle, using Libra energy to guide us. The planet ruling Libra is Venus, which connects us to our relationships with others and ourself. When we view our relationships through the lens of balance and justice, the New Moon in Libra asks us to consider these questions:

  • Where are you out of balance in your relationships?
  • Are you giving too much of yourself away?
  • Are you acting for the sake of others rather than for yourself?
  • How can you use this energy to find ways to come back to yourself?
  • How is your relationship with yourself? Are you giving so much of yourself away that you have no time to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself?

A few retrograde planets are adding to this energy and giving us an even clearer picture how this new moon is asking us to think about our relationships. Mercury went retrograde on October 14th and will not station direct until November 4th. When Mercury is in retrograde, it asks us to evaluate our methods of communication. Combining this with the New Moon in Libra, we are being asked to think about how we are communicating with those we are in relationship with.

  • How are you communicating when you have a problem in your relationship?
  • Are you even communicating about problems at all? Are you letting problems fester instead of taking the time to communicate about them?
  • When it comes to balance in your life, who do you need to talk to if you are giving too much of yourself away?
  • What messages are you telling yourself about your energy and where you are spending it?

Mars went retrograde on September 10th and won’t station direct until November 14th. Mars retrograde asks us to rethink our actions, specifically about where we are taking action and expending energy in our lives. It reminds us that the actions and habits that we do every day are not working to bring about balance in our lives, so we need to come up with new actions and habits that can bring about that balance.

  • What actions can you take that will help to bring about the balance that you seek?
  • How can you change what you are currently doing so that you have more balance in your life?
  • What actions should you take to restore balance in your relationships?

Take some time to journal these questions as you set your intentions for this new moon cycle.