Weekly Tarot Spread: May 18-22nd

I have not been keeping up my habit of doing Tarot spreads, or even pulling cards for the day. I started back to work last week since my employer was able to get a Payroll Protection loan. It has been an interesting experience, since I had become used to living my more magickal life and infusing more of what I did with my own magickal work. But I had done some introspection of what that would look like when I went back to work. I’m glad I did. I have been using my Tarot as a way to recenter myself throughout the day. It is easier since I have an app that goes along with the deck I regularly use on my phone. I’m not sure what my coworkers would think of me whipping out a deck at work. I’m pretty sure my bosses would not appreciate it much. At work, at least, I’m a closet witch. With my toe sticking out the door, anyway.

I thought it would be a good idea to do a spread tonight, the night before I go to work for another week. Hopefully it will help me align myself in my spirituality and help carry it over into my work, something that has helped a lot with me being aware of my energy level throughout the day and making sure I don’t totally burn myself out before the day is over. I have definitely seen a difference. I have been able to work on some of my witchy studies in the evening after I get home, although my allergies did knock me out two different evenings. They also knocked me out for an entire day this weekend, which was a shame because I really want to get back into my candle making. I haven’t made any candles in well over a month, and that is a shame. Soon it will be summer, and if I want to start a ritual candle shop, summer is not a great time to do it since candles and heat do not mix.

Anyway, this is a really simple spread. The first card is what I am being invited to pay attention to for the week. The second card is what I need to let go of, and the third card is the anchor card that will help me get through the week. These are the cards I drew:

Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. This is my first time using this deck.

For what I am being invited to pay attention to, I drew the Nine of Water. I am absolutely loving the imagery on this card, with the Qabbalah Tree of Life and the rainbow pillar going through the middle of it. This card speaks to my internal sense of integrity and self-esteem, as well as my sense of joy. What brings me joy throughout the day? How can I infuse each moment of my day with the magick that I had cultivated during my time off? What can I do throughout the day to remember who I am and what I stand for, and how that fits into the work I do every day? This card is also a call to remember how we are connected to all things, and how “happiness results from true alignment with the cosmic will,” (Eakins, 263). In other words, live my day in alignment with what is in my highest and best according to spirit. Which also means that I need to check in often, something that I am still working on.

For what I need to let go of, I drew the Two of Water. This card is equally stunning, with two chalices in the foreground, one with the symbol of Venus and the other with Cancer. There are two figures, yin and yang, light and dark, high on the wave of water, holding onto an infinity symbol. This card is telling me to let go of my sense of separation and realize that I am at one with Spirit. Because of this, Spirit is a part of everything that I do. I have a purpose in this world, a continuing of the work that Spirit has had me do. At the center of that purpose is love. A sacred cord attaches me to that purpose, and to everything around me. I need to remember this as I go through my week.

For my anchor card, I drew the One of Fire. This card has the six sided star with an empty eye socket. Part of the star is yin energy and part is yang. Spirals surround the card, spirals that Eakins calls “spirals of purpose, will, and lifeforce.” This card speaks to restlessness and a desire for meaning that will only come by opening up to the receptive energy of the yin force. The yang force is here and present, action and movement, ideas and schemes. But there is no focus and manifestation without the yin energy. This is a time to turn within and find that well of receptivity to Spirit and Source, the things that will bring the ideas and movement into powerful manifestation.

I have to say, I have never used this deck before. I bought it a few months ago because of its imagery and because that imagery holds connections to astrology and the Qabbalah. I am blown away by the messages of these cards, and I will probably be using this deck more often. This was a much richer reading than the ones I have been having with my other deck, although there is nothing wrong with my other deck. Perhaps this was just what I needed in this time.