The Foundation of Magick

Honeysuckle Jasmine Candles

I had planned on making a couple of different types of candles yesterday – a love spell candle focused on connection and communication, and a calming candle. That’s been my new hobby – making spell candles charged with intention, hopefully for people who want or need a candle to further an intention. I have really been enjoying it and learning about different magickal properties of herbs and stones.

Samhain Ancestor Ritual Candle

I had made a candle a few weeks ago for Samhain, one geared toward connecting with ancestors, something that I like to do during the holiday. It is even more of a goal of mine this year after I went through the process of finding out where my ancestry originates from.

So I was really excited to make the love spell candle and the calming candle, because I really love how the ancestral candle turned out. I definitely plan on making more of those. As I gathered all of my materials together, I really took the time to pause and set my intention. It helped that the house was quiet – my Capricorn daughter and I were the only ones home. As I melted the wax, I focused on the intention, stirring clockwise to infuse that intention into the wax. As the wax hardened and I added the herbs and stones, I focused on the intent of each herb and each stone. I could feel the energy of the intention flowing through me, into the candles. It was a truly amazing experience.

I wasn’t able to make the calming candle right after that; I had to go pick up my Pisces daughter from school. But soon after I got home, I gathered the materials to make the calming candles. But this time, the energy was different. My Capricorn daughter was cooking and kept looking over my shoulder at what I was doing. My Pisces daughter was sitting at the table with her knees up and her feet on her chair; every time she moved the table would shake. I was unable to focus on my intention and I certainly wasn’t even calm. I felt no magick, no energy (except for my increasingly frustrated energy), and I knew that the energy that was infused into those candles was not the calming energy I was looking for. I was kind of upset about the loss of some good candles to some bad energy, but I learned some very valuable lessons about magick and magickal spells that I felt the need to pass on to others. And by the way, if this outs me as the newbie witch that I am, its okay! We live and we learn, and we help others do the same.

  • Do spell work when you are by yourself (if you are a solitary witch like me) or with your coven. The reason for this is that not everyone’s energy is the same, and if you are around someone who has no interest or idea what you are doing, their energy can throw yours off. Such was the case with my Pisces and Capricorn. This is especially true for those witches who are very sensitive to the energies around them, like me.
  • Make sure that you are clear about your intention, and your energy reflects that. If your energy and intention are not in alignment, it might be best to do the spell work another time.
  • Keep your focus. The moment that you lose focus on your intent, the energy will not be the same. Make sure that when you are doing spell work, you have the time and energy to keep your focus the entire time.
  • Don’t try to do too much at one time. I am convinced that not only did I not have the focus or intent on point, but I had tried to do too much by putting together calming spell candles only a few hours after doing love spell candles. That was probably too much. The intentions behind each set of candles is different, and if I had been using the candles for a spell it would have been hard to switch from one intention to the other that quickly. Why did I think I could switch intentions so quickly when creating spell candles?

I’m sure there are more lessons to be learned from this little experience, but those are my main take-aways from it. I’ll have to post pictures of my love spell candles sometime. Right now I don’t have one, which is unusual because I usually take pictures of my candles after I make them. I will post pictures of them in my next post.

Until then!