New Moon in Libra

Friendly little Orb Spider

The New Moon energies are very strong today. Not only have I been ending some cycles (decanted my fire cider – anyone for a taste?) but I have definitely been feeling the energy moving inward today. The desire to be inside and with myself is strong, and I have been trying to get some work done, but mostly I’ve been resting and thinking about the future that I want to build. The new moon is all about beginnings, and I definitely feel like I’m on the edge of one. I think that the past few years I have definitely felt this energy when entering into Libra anyway. The dark period of the year is an especially productive time for me, spiritually speaking. I enjoy the cooler – and colder – weather, and I seem to have more energy and purpose during this time of year. I attribute it to having my sun and moon in Aquarius at the nadir in my natal chart. I have a very dark chart, and that seems to influence how I respond to the energies around me during the year. With our entering into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, I have definitely felt the dark energy that I respond to so well starting to come up. The only problem is that here in North Carolina the weather is not cooperating. With all of the ninety degree days we have had (with more forecast for the upcoming week) I’m starting to wonder if we are even going to have autumn at all. My body still feels the energy, though, and has been starting to tell me about wanting soups and other warming dishes. To which I reply that it is simply still too hot to have any of those things.

Because of the level of crazy I have been experiencing at my day job, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for the new moon in Libra. I do know that Libra energy is energy of balance, which I could use right now, and I’m sure a lot of other people could too. My level of crazy at work has been such that I have not had the time or energy that I would like to devote to my studies, so one thing I am working on is more work/life balance. But I think there is more to the balance here than simply “oh, this part of my life is receiving too much and needs to be toned down so that it is in more balance with this other part.” I think it has a lot to do with becoming more grounded so that we can listen to ourselves and our needs and enjoy the balance that happens when we are able to do that. For example, one day on my lunch break I was driving around aimlessly, trying to figure out what I wanted to eat for lunch. For the life of me I could not come up with something that sounded good, but then it occurred to me that perhaps I wasn’t even hungry. But because I pretty much have to have my lunch break at a somewhat set time, I have to make sure I eat then or I’m going to be starving later when I am not able to take a break. Because of the job I am in and the system that it is a part of, I can’t even take the opportunity to listen to my body and eat when it tells me I am hungry. Part of having the type of balance I am talking about would be to have that freedom. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have that opportunity, and we are losing touch with our body’s rhythms and cues because we have to override them. But that is part of a bigger conversation about a systemic shift that needs to happen for the good of all people. Luckily, this conversation is happening in a lot of places. One of my favorite Instagram pages is called The Nap Ministry. Yes, I do love naps, but that is not why I love the page. The page talks about how we need to take more time to rest and stop listening so much to the capitalistic ideal that we have to grind ourselves to death in order to have a life worth living. It has helped me realize that it is okay to listen to my body when it tells me that it is tired and needs to rest, and I don’t feel guilty about doing what I need to do to make that happen like I would have even five years ago.

So for me, the message of this New Moon in Libra is to slow down, listen, and honor the messages that I am getting from my body. I am working toward a reality that will hopefully make that easier in my day-to-day doings, but in this present moment I will do what I can with what I have.