I Don’t Dare Want to Compare

Honeysuckle Jasmine candles with Calendula made by me.

I don’t dare want to compare

My story to another.

As I scroll I see the lives

Lived by those who are not me




Making my grind feel small


As if it doesn’t matter.

And they say

Do not compare your life to another

But I’m not laughing



I’m stuck in this one room

Not being present

But lost in the feed

Seeing the stories of those

Who are not me.

Their stories are higher



I get lost in the sea of what could be

While turning away from what is

And what could be for me.

“That path looks good,” I say

“And that one and that one,”

While forgetting about the path

That I am on

Recreating another’s path

Which leads to sadness



I am me

My path alone is for me

Not those other paths

Full of shining happy people

Who don’t show the struggle

Who don’t show the dark

When looking at their feed

You only see the light and the ease

Making it feel like I am doing something wrong

Because I am struggling more

But that’s the illusion of the feed

It keeps you thinking you are not enough

When in reality you are enough

For you and your path

Stop looking at the feed

Stop letting it breed frustration and confusion

And play your own way

Remember play?

Remember when things weren’t

Quite so serious

And you didn’t feel like you were

Competing with another.

Remember when you tried it

And if it didn’t work

You tried it again

Until you found a way

Because it was fun

Before you felt like it was

A race

Or a competition

To do it better than them

It’s about doing it your way

Being your own person

With your own dreams

Not worrying about

Daring to compare your story

To that of another.