Full Harvest Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

I’m sitting here in the middle of an imposter syndrome moment wondering why I am publishing a post about a moon phase tarot spread when I am only beginning my astrology journey and my tarot journey. But I figure that I won’t get better at either until I start applying them in a practical way, and there really isn’t a better way to do that than this. I have been working hard on using my intuition more and relying less heavily on my thinking brain, and this practice is actually a good way to hone those intuitive skills while keeping thinking in the place that it should be: as a support for the intuitive self.

I have a very interesting relationship with Pisces, as one of my daughters is a Pisces and exhibits so many Pisces traits. That made this practice a little easier.

Pisces tends to be very introspective; my daughter is in her head a lot. This is typically seen as an avenue of connecting with the universe, or with “force” or whatever your definition of a higher power is. Because of this, the full moon in Pisces is asking us to examine the different ways that this higher power is supporting us right now. It is also asking us to take a hard look at what we may be doing that is not in alignment with that support, and consider letting go of those things in order to be more fully in alignment with the universe.

Pisces is also very empathic and giving of themselves to others. This can often come at the expense of their own personal welfare. The full moon in Pisces asks us to look at areas of our lives where we might be giving too much and identify what we need to let go of in order to take care of ourselves.

This moon is also a harvest moon, as it is the last full moon before the Autumn Equinox. Because of this, the full moon asks us to take a look at what we are harvesting during this time. What have we been working during the past year that is now coming to fruition?

I have seen the nice little memes of tarot spreads on Instagram and around the internet, and I decided to make one of my own. It isn’t as polished as others I have seen, and I have put a little bit of myself into it (as you will see), but I think it gets the job done. I definitely highlighted the Pisces trait of being “in your head” with this one!

In a few days I will publish what my cards looked like for this spread, and maybe I will do a collective reading. I have never done one of those before, so that should be interesting!