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In This Present Moment…

Couldn’t get my camera to focus on the ladybug just minding its own business…

There’s a trick I do any time I am stressed, or when my mind is racing in the middle of the night and I don’t want to get up to make some chamomile tea (which is pretty much every time it happens). It’s pretty simple, but it has had a profound impact on how I approach situations mentally.

I basically start by saying “In this present moment…” and then I list what is going on for me in the present moment. That is the key. If I am in the bed, I say “In this present moment my arm is laying on my mattress,” and I bring my awareness to my arm and how my mattress feels on it, and then I work my way around my body, bringing my awareness to each part that I am thinking about in that moment. Sometimes I might bring my awareness to different sounds in the room, like if my partner is snoring, but I find that it is easy for my mind to jump off into a tangent if my awareness is anywhere outside of what is true for me physically in that moment in time.

I started doing this because I came to the realization that everything that my mind was thinking about in the middle of the night was something that I could not do anything about in that moment. The time that I was using to ruminate about those things would have been better spent on sleeping so that I would have the energy to deal with those things when I had the opportunity. Sometimes my mind would be preoccupied with things that I could do nothing about, anyway. And when I am stressed out, which happens often, thinking about what is going on with my physical body in that moment is a good way to ground and stop stressing about things that may not really matter that much in the end.

It’s just a little mindfulness magick trick, and for me it has really worked wonders.